Last months visit to the theater got us thinking about all the shows we have had the pleasure of seeing.. when we got to counting we were surprised by how many we had seen..

1. Wicked - This was the first show I had ever seen. M had seen a musical in London once and was partial to the whole experience. But when we received a belated wedding present $$ from M's uncle we didn't want to just spend the money on groceries.. we wanted to make sure we used it for something memorable.. so we splurged on some Wicked tickets.. It was the perfect introduction to Broadway. It was a spectacle for sure and even M who had never seen Wizard of Oz had no trouble being swept up in the magic. 

2. Avenue Q - We were so sure about this off Broadway show.. the characters are muppets.. while for some that may be the selling point for us that was what was making us the most unsure.. But I didn't want to watch Chicago or Phantom of the Opera and I may be wrong but I felt they couldn't surprise me.. I knew the stories already.. so we went with Avenue Q.. so glad we did.. it was.. is hand down the funniest musical we have ever seen.. It is the perfect date night show.. not at all suitable for kids. It is almost always the show we will recommend our friends to see.. 

3. Chinglish - This was a comedy about an American businessman trying to launch a company in China and the misadventures of miscommunication.. it was funny in the moment.. but nothing I would recommend. SHOW NOW CLOSED

4. The Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder - This was a great show.. one of the most wonderfully unique things about it was that the same actor plays at least seven other characters.. and watching him transform into these characters through out the play was amazing, such talent. Unfortunately we had a young D and an even younger H at home and were going through a sleep deprivation phase and no matter how hard I tried to pry my eye open I fell asleep.. I recall getting in a car at the end but continued to dose through the ride home.. so much off it is a blur. SHOW NOW CLOSED

5. O - O was our first ever Cirque Du Soleil show. We saw it in Vegas last year.. it was awe inspiring.. it is a whole different kind of talent and fearlessness these performers possess. Now I am not sure if I would go to see another Cirque Du Soleil.. may be one day in the future.. The abstractness of the story is where it lost us.. while we were completely mesmerized by the acrobatic performance we were completely lost as to what the hell was happening.. 

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - We saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last summer. D had read the book earlier that year and we treated him to his first Broadway show for his birthday. The show is now closed so I am so happy we saw it when we did. We made use of our airline points to score free tickets.  It was a wonderfully magical experience, D at the edge of his seat. He has already been asking when we will take him to the another one. SHOW NOW CLOSED

7. Waitress - We saw waitress just a week or so ago.. for our birthday While I had heard good things about it having seen the movie many years ago I was going in with mixed feelings. It was a fantastic show, the singing talent was phenomenal. It was a show where you were really rooting for these characters.. 

What we haven't seen yet is a non musical play.. any suggestions?

I'm sure D would like to go back to see another show this summer.. I know of Aladdin and Lion King of course but any other recommendations? Any one see Sponge Bob Square Pants yet?

A show I'd really like to go see is Dear Evan Hansen.. 
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  1. Would you believe I grew up about an hour from NYC and only ever saw one show? Les Miserables in about 1995. Well, we were poor. Ha. I wish I'd been able to see more. You've seen some great shows! I'm so glad you're making time for this in your life, theatre is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. We have seen several too, but all before kids. I love Broadway shows. I would love to see Mamma Mia. Is that still playing?

  3. WOW! Quite a number of shows you've seen! I haven't seen a play for quite a long time. If I'm not mistaken, the last show I saw was a school play - Lady Precious Stream. It was pretty good.

  4. Very impressive!!!
    I haven’t seen half of these lol


  5. What amazing shows!
    I have only seen one show, and it was a sophomore in high school on our trip to New Your City!
    We live fairly far away, so we have it on our dream list to visit someday.
    When we do, I will be sure to ask you for suggestions. : )
    Loved this post!

  6. Oh wow, what a great selection you got under your belt. I've only seen Wicked (love fractured fairy tales), Phantom of the Opera (loved, loved, loved & used to have the opening number memorized for piano), The Lion King (fabulous innovation), Mama Mia (was surprised at how much I had enjoyed this considering I was a straight up hip hop girl), Ragtime (was okay), Mystere in Vegas (my sorority sisters and I had fun watching the yoked out performers swing in thongs, LOL), and a few other Cirque du Soleil shows. We took the kids to Curio and they liked it.
    Your latest book sounds good; it got high ratings on GR; do be vocal about it here. We lucked out with the 10 year old getting a great teacher who loves technology when she transferred back to our home school.

  7. I have always wanted to see Wicked, and now I'm adding Avenue Q to the list of "must sees".

  8. Wicked is one of my favorite plays - everything about it is just amazing!


  9. What amazing shows! Avenue Q is just so hilarious. Love Wicked too. Hamilton is my favorite show of all time!

  10. Oh my gosh! I also wanna see Dear Evan Hansen so bad! Hamilton is coming here next year so hopefully, I can score tickets for that:)

    PS Loved Wicked sooooo much. Such an awesome musical:)

  11. My first time in NYC we went to see Phantom of the Opera. One of my most memorable experiences ever.


  12. Wow! That's quite a list. I have seen my fair share of theater shows (mostly in LA), but not one of these! I'd really like to see Wicked and Waitress. I did get to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee when it first opened in NYC which was FANTASTIC! And the last time I was there I saw Billy Elliot which I also loved. Such fun!

  13. this makes me want to go to the theatre. i love going but rarely do, haha. but there's a production of the lord of the rings in my city this spring and i'm really wanting to see that! xx

  14. Anonymous3/06/2018

    Awww, my dream is to visit Broadway one day ! Wicked would be at the top of my list to see ! Have a wonderful day. :)

  15. It is totally on my bucket list to see a Broadway show!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. I'd love to see Wicked, Phantom and of course Hamilton. I've seen kinky boots and loved it immensely! Oh and I saw Lion King, that was good too :)

  17. You have seen a lot of Broadway shows. I have never seen such a show. This must be great!
    Have a nice week,

  18. How fun that you have gotten to see so many great shows!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  19. I love going to the theatre, it such an amazing evening night out xx

  20. I liked musicals when I was a kid but not so much as an adult!


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