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A Month Later

Hello everyone... Ramadan is over and it was an interesting experience.. we missed the hustle and bustle of the masjid, we missed seeing our friends.. but there was also a lot more calm.. there was lot less rushing to get ready, rushing to the masjid.. there was a lot less sleep deprivation.. the no waking up for the school bus really helped things. But there was also the monotony.. that was a little depressing.. So here's to a very uneventful Eid I guess.. source and Speaking of depressing.. we are into week 12 of quarantine. While some things have opened.. New Jersey has still kept a tight reign over things.. not that I am ready for things to open.. I don't think I am ready to go to a restaurant or the mall. Our school have officially closed for the rest of the school year... which is a good thing.. While our first month or so passed pretty smoothly the last few weeks have been harder on me. I am having more sad days.. we have had a few behavioral issue