Whoa.. when I decided to take a break I had no idea it was going to turn out to be this long.. I guess I was waiting for a sort of routine to form.. a sense of normalcy to return.. and I suppose my right now is as normal as it can possibly get..

Where I left off we were days away from D big birthday party, weeks away from Ramadan, I had a contractor in the house and my mother had just arrived.. I had so many pictures of all of these events and was looking forward to sharing in the coming weeks but I had a bit of a problem while I was backing up my computer and accidentally ended up deleting some stuff.. PERMANENTLY! still more than a bit pissed about this. 

The room started looking like this.. with an equally horrendous carpeted bathroom!!

and the end result.. so much better!

I wish I could show you just how bad this bathroom was.. 

In the next few weeks our roof started to leak and we started to meet with roof guys.. :( and while they were already ripping out our roof we thought we'd get rid of our bug and woodpecker magnet.. patch worked sorry excuse for siding too.. scroll down a bit to get a glimpse and see that I do not exaggerate.

H went through and still is kinda going through a I hate to sleep at night and just want to scream phase.. meaning while before I used to work while he napped now I nap while he naps.. not very productive.

My mom was still here when my in laws arrived and a set of my friends arrived from back in the day.. so my house was full.. full of people, food, late nights and laughter.. friends left and my brother and sister in law arrived.



and as if our life wasn't already exciting enough.. M changed jobs and we were able to experience something we had never experienced before.. his current contract had a non compete, which meant that he was to wait a month before he could start his new job. And while in the beginning it didn't sound like a good thing.. it was.. it so totally was.

So today.. it has been over a month since my mother left, my in laws are making the transition to live with us permanently, my brother left over the weekend and my sister in law is planning on staying with us for a bit longer. In a few days M will go back to work, D will start kindergarten and a new routine will form.. and we'll see what the rest of this year has in store for us.. hopefully I will return to my regular posting schedule :)

I'd also like to introduce you to the blog's new name.. because less face it, the blog is a lot less about photography and a lot more about us. :)

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