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Whoa.. when I decided to take a break I had no idea it was going to turn out to be this long.. I guess I was waiting for a sort of routine to form.. a sense of normalcy to return.. and I suppose my right now is as normal as it can possibly get.. Where I left off we were days away from D big birthday party, weeks away from Ramadan, I had a contractor in the house and my mother had just arrived.. I had so many pictures of all of these events and was looking forward to sharing in the coming weeks but I had a bit of a problem while I was backing up my computer and accidentally ended up deleting some stuff.. PERMANENTLY! still more than a bit pissed about this.  The room started looking like this.. with an equally horrendous carpeted bathroom!! and the end result.. so much better! I wish I could show you just how bad this bathroom was..  In the next few weeks our roof started to leak and we started to meet with roof guys.. :( and while they were already ripping out our r