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Please Stand By

Dead Laptop Two Months Worth of Lost Files i last backed up in Feb thank god A baby that went from waking up twice a night to five times a night! I need a caffeine ivy. and so many other annoying little issues that makes me wish I was a bear and could just go hibernate Fingers Crossed will be getting new laptop next week.. will try to get back to my regular schedule soon. I miss blogging.. I miss sleep even more. Get my post directly in you inbox with  Bloglovin I am now also offering ad space.  See  Sponsors  for more information .  Newsletter Sign Up - Let's Stay Connected, Shall We?


lately it seems like there is so much going new large dry erase calendar which I love is full.. but really not a lot has been going on if you know what I mean.. With one set of parents leaving last one another arrived this month. M's parents will be here with us for the next few months and D is over joyed. With M working and I a little preoccupied with H now D has someone to play with, tell his stories to and with the weather getting better someone to go outside with.. that's what our drive way looks like right now Speaking of D.. the busy little boy that he is has birthday party invites for every weekend, I had to turn down a few invites because our little guy has started to play some sports every Saturday afternoon for the next few weeks, around the same time most birthday parties are being held. I signed him up with little sports squirts via US Sports Institute where every week they get to try their hand at a new sport so as to see which they like best. The fi

In My Attic

I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time. Remember when I told you we ventured up into our attic only to find a whole bunch of crap along with a few interesting surprises. I didn't want to just post a bunch of pictures for you, I wanted to know more about our new finds and share with you a little history. These first two paintings are oil on canvas reproductions French painter Maurice Utrillo who specialized in cityscapes. By the age 21 Utrillo suffered from mental illness and alcoholism, he was encouraged to paint by his artist mother and it was painting that helped him deal if not overcome his illness. Both paintings are of the Montmarte area of Paris where he was born and raised. Another painting we found lacked a signature so it was harder to identify. After much googling I discovered it is called The Hay Wain by English painter John Constable. Born in Suffolk he is known primarily for his landscapes mostly of Dedham Vale, where he lived, now kn