Friday Photography


Heaven's Web - The high ceilings of the chapel inside the extraordinary Jerónimos Monastery, in Belem, Lisbon. It is a small serene parish just outside the main city of Lisbon. The same parish Vasco Da Gama had set sail from. The place that has the most delicious custard tarts.

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The Weekend

Our weekend.. especially all the food consumed

He has perfected the pout but I finally caught it on camera.. in fact he was so angry with me he even let me make a video of him tell me to 'go away!' two going on fourteen? 

We had to make a quick stop at the mall.. which of course would have been incomplete with a ride on the carousel. And getting some chocolate covered strawberries from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They also have some of the best caramel apples! 

D's class had caterpillars as their class pet.. come spring they had become beautiful butterflies. So the children made and wore these butterfly headbands as they celebrated the release of the butterflies.

On Friday M came home a little early and the boys tossed around a ball before dinner.

I made some banana chocolate chip cake balls.. donut holes. Nothing fancy.. just a snack for the boys.

 The boys attempting to shuck corn while we fire up the grill.. 

We tried out a new breakfast place Sunday morning.. and to say the portions were big is an understatement.. they were enormous.. this was a kid sized pancake..

 and our french toast.. but they were so good. Next time we'll probably share.

nom nom.. did I mention I've been trying to eat healthy and loose a few pounds.. FAIL!
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The Musical Connection

With all the renovations and everything being moved about I am on a decluttering kick.. we donated six bags last month and I have another six waiting to be sent out this week. Then there were the more gently used.. or unused items. I have two large box full that I am very slowly going through.. photographing and listing on to eBay.

While I was at it I began to look at the photographs and prints listed in my shop with a more critical eye and my website got a makeover.

And while listening to music I decided delete the songs I always skipped instead of skipping them all the time.. but then I got to a song that I almost deleted but stopped. Nostalgia took over. I know people hold on to clothes and such for similar reasons but I don't. But when it came time my music I paused. Now if my holding on to these particular songs had anything to do with my life I may be okay with but these songs are actually tied to the monumental moments in a fictional character life.. yup. 

So time to confess.. what song do you love mainly because of a tv show or movie? It may be a great song.. but your initial love affair with it started because of tv/movie. Here are mine. When I here these songs I am transported back to those shows, those scene's and moments.. 

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Sarah McLachlan's - Full of Grace. Spoiler Alert - It's right after Buffy kills souless Angel but only seconds before his soul returns and she still has to kill him.. and this song played and I cried.

2. Roswell - Sheryl Crow's - I Shall Believe - Future Max comes to tell Liz she has to break up with present day Max and they have their last dance to this song. This one I am slowly starting to get a bit more fuzzy one. 

3. Grey's Anatomy - two songs both having to do with Izzie and Denny.. once again Spoiler Alert lol.. but Snow Patrol's - Chasing Cars when Denny dies.. omg the crying.. and then Unkle Bob's Swans this is actually a really good song when Izzie feels the presence of Denny in spirit. 

4. Veronica Mars - Mike Doughty's - I Hear the Bells - Drunk Logan tells Veronica that their love story is epic.. the moment could not be more perfect. Of course he wakes up the next morning and doesn't remember the moment! 

5. Supernatural - Kansas' - Carry on my Wayward Son - seriously this song was made for this show.. it first played toward the end of the first season and from then on it has become the shows opening song.. Supernatural has a great 80's soundtrack.. you really can't go wrong with any of their songs.. But another one that really stayed with me was Styx's - Renegade.. seriously.. it was as if it too was written was that exact moment.. when Sam and Dean fall under the police's radar. 

I'm sure there are more.. but these are the ones that have really stuck with me.. 

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Friday Photography

I want to start off by saying I am very excited to start a new venture. Hena Tayeb Photography will now be accepting wholesale orders! Spread the word!

Hand of the Help - Color, wrinkles, nails, veins, slenderness and length; so many things make up a hand, so many characteristics. Each hand different from the last, each hand with its own personality, with its own story. This hand is of a janitorial woman working in my college. She was taking a break, resting her hand and taking a breath, some peace from her otherwise tiresome day. The contrast of the color of her skin and her clothes, the position and placement of her hand, her posture, everything came together to make what would seem like an ordinary image into an extraordinary photograph.  

You can buy this print here Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER
Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests.

Love this print but don't think your wall is ready just yet.. how about this print on other things?! Check these beauties out.  
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I have been a bit absent.. I have a ton to post about but for some of it I'm not ready just yet. Mostly we are in between a lot of things.. like..

We have ordered window treatments for our and the boys rooms.. We went back and forth about curtains.. I thought about stenciling fun curtains for the boys like I had done before for D's nursery. But in all honesty I just don't have the time for a DIY. We bought and returned a few different curtains for our room..

our windows are placed oddly.. the set of windows on the other side are not a problem but this little one behind the bed is awkward.. so we thought roman shades? I'm mulling over the placement of art and photographs too.. something off center maybe..? Thinking thinking.. planning planning..

Speaking of planning.. we are also planning our vacation days.. hopefully my ankle will be better by then.. in case you haven't been following along here's the ankle story. I am now taking two medicines... and am 75% better.. just 25% more to go..

We had few wonderfully warm.. even hot days last week so we basked in the sun while we could because it feels a lot like winter again :(

H is getting so big.. independent.. hot tempered..he's a it's a my way or the high way type of kid.. and wants to do everything all by himself.. he is talking up a storm and now calls me by my name if I don't respond to mom quick enough. 

We talked about the women's history month diorama.. in the end we picked the chocolate chip lady.. Ruth Wakefield.. the project seemed a bit to anti feminist for my taste.. but I am glad we didn't do Amelia Earhart.. half the class choose to do their project about her.. 

This months project is to upcycle and repurpose an everyday item into something useful. After scrolling through Pinterest these were my favorites 

 source - The cutest project but I can't just buy one wick anywhere and a don't need a dozen :(

 source - probably the one we will end up doing.. its the easiest plus costs us no extra $

 source - also pretty simple but I don't know how excited I can get D for a magazine holder

In other news.. only 14 more days to GOT! Yay.. seriously.. it is the highlight of our April.. we have been looking forward to this since the season ended last year and have been watched the trailer multiple times trying to analyse the hidden meanings.. 

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