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Turning Twenty Seven

For many..well not many but a few years in my head I was always 23 years old.. even after I turned 25 I still thought of myself  as 23.. I had just started to get accustomed to being 25 and BAM! I'm 27! All of a sudden before I knew it I am in my late 20's. When I fill out a form or take a survey I can no longer check the 18-24 box.. no I now check the 25 - whatever box! I know nothing has will be the same as yesterday and tomorrow will be no different. Turning 27 is less of a 'oh crap I'm getting old' thing but more of a nostalgic where did time go type of a thing.  Just yesterday I was... and now.. and there is nothing depressing about that statement. I'm more filled with wonder, to think I am married to this wonderful man that I love in a way I had never imagined and I have little boy.. that we created out of nothing.. well ok there was something but you know what I mean and he has changed everything.. literally.. Oddly enough I am not