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It's Been 15 Years

Over the weekend M and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. We headed to NYC on Saturday evening and had dinner at The Palm.  They did such a wonderful job of making us feel special. And the dessert (a most decadent chocolate cake) was on the house.  All the walls were covered in celebrity caricatures. Afterwards we hurried on over to catch a Broadway show. This year we choose SIX. Making it our eleventh show! You can see the whole list here . So while this was not our favorite show we did have a great time. I think we'd rate it middle of the pack. We have just seen so many amazing shows. It was a really fun, great music. What I loved was that it was an all female cast, even the band in the back had these amazingly talent middle aged women. The cast was diverse in both race and body type. It was a great show about female empowerment and to not let a man define who we are. I would recommend it for a girls night out. It was not too long, pretty short actually at just 90 minutes. The co

Self Care

With the new year around the corner everyone starts to focus on making resolutions. Most of the common ones are always eat healthy, lose weight.. you know the drill. I wanted to talk about self care. Some of the things I/We try to focus on are taking some time out of our over scheduled, busy stressed out lives to take a little time for ourselves.  NUMBER ONE is making doctors appointments that we never have time to make. We keep putting the health of others first and are constantly putting off going to the doctor. Especially women and moms. I have had trouble sleeping for a few years now and I have tried every holistic DIY treatment I have read about but nothing has worked long term. After putting this off for years I finally made an appointment with a sleep specialist.  With all the walking we do on our trips M started to feel a lot of pain in his feet. He finally went to the doctor and found out he has flat feet. And the solution is pretty easy - insoles for flat feet . He wore them

Four Days in Mexico City

For Thanksgiving we flitted off to Mexico City. More than a few people questioned our choice of vacation spot. Some were concerned about safety. I'm not even sure why I chose it.. my uncle had gone some months ago and since then I guess it was on my mind. So let me tell you, Mexico City surprised us in a couple ways.  1. It was so freaking clean! There was never a time that we didn't see workers sweeping and cleaning.  2. It was also so green.. there were trees and plants along every street. The larger roads had walking/bike paths in the middle also lined with trees and plants! 3. There are fountains everywhere. The fountains are also cleaned regularly.. no gunky water. 4. A large population was still masking.  5. There are paid turnstyle type public bathrooms everywhere. You pay six pesos to get in. They too were remarkably clean.  6. The city had many parks and many playgrounds. In Paris we had struggled to find even one playground but here we had to bribe the kids out of the