My First Gallery Exhibition

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the wonderful Samantha Palmeri and Dawn McDonnell of the Art House Gallery in Manahawkin, New Jersey. They had talked to me about showing some of my work in their gallery and in the end the following ten pieces were selected to be featured. I am absolutely ecstatic about this new venture. It will be my very first gallery showing and to be going through the experience with these  two fabulous ladies is my pleasure. 

Sunny Chairs 

Take a Seat 

Tightly Wound 


UPDATE: Gallery Exhibition is set to open on 11th December 2011 @ Art House Gallery in Manahawkin. 2pm - 5pm. If you know people in New Jersey who may be interested please pass on the word. Thank you. 



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Power Out!

I had planned to post about Halloween and pictures of D in his monster costume. M was going to be a from and I a petulant child :) but that all went down the drain when Saturday afternoon with all the October snow we lost power.. it is Tuesday now and still we have no power to speak of. In fact our county decided to go ahead an postpone Halloween.. no sense in celebrating when there is no school to go to.. fallen trees and dangling power lines..

After spending one cold day and night at home and after finding out that power was not going to be returned before Thursday we packed our bags and moved down to Pennsylvania to my great aunts place. So there went Halloween. In fact Halloween has been postponed in our county and will be celebrated on Friday instead.. but we all know that that is no fun. Now it is Tuesday and we have been separated.. D and I and here in PA and M has gone to NYC to live at a friends so that he can be closer to work. This is the second time since we were married almost four years ago that we have been separated.. all because of snow in October.

UPDATE: Power is back on.. and M and I didn't have to spend a night apart :) We had power back around 1pm and by 3pm I was out of Pennsylvania and headed back to my Garden State.. great to be back home.
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