I know this post is about a month overdue but I've had my hands full. But better late than never right?

We had a fabulous week of warmth and sunshine.. just a tad rain and the waters could have been warmer but it felt good to shed our coats and sweaters and bring our flip flops out of hiding.

We spent time splashing in the pool, M had missed out on all of D's swim classes and the only splashing he had seen was in the bath so it was great to see father and son get in some pool time.

But D loved the sand so much more.. he was fascinated by the grain and texture, the way it fell from his fingers..

and the ebb and flow of the waves..

giving me a lot of time of just laying on beach chairs and enjoying him at play and reading..

We rented a car and toured the island which is not very big and covered with cacti.. millions and billions of cacti.. a light house, a few gold mine ruins, several beaches as well as dessert like terrain.

We took a semi submerged submarine.. it was when we were taking a boat to get to the sub that we encountered crazy rain and surprise surprise but that is also when D decided to nap. Yes, in the crazy cold rain and winds he fall asleep... naps through the submarine ride where we encountered the wreck of Antilla, a WWII German supply u-boat.

We had a few terrific meals..a Brazilian American Churrascaria, where meat carvers walkabout with tasty treats. It was a bit on the pricey side but the food and dining experience were worth it.

We ate a delicious breakfast at our hotel restaurant  La Vista just about everyday except for one, when we ate at Linda's Dutch Pancakes. These were less pancakes and more crepe like and so awesome. I had peanut butter and M had banana's and chocolate.

Then we had a few average meals at Tango Argentine Grill.. mine was better than M's and D enjoyed the live music.

And Gianni's Italian restaurant, where M's was better than mine..

But the worst of them all was the beachfront Hadicurari. Oh so bad.. I have no words to describe it. We had to buy some ice cream from our hotel lobby just to get the taste out of our months. 

But the trip was fantastic, D was a rock star, every maid and almost every other guest on our floor knew him. He was great on the flight and having him enjoy the trip made it just the more pleasurable for us.

p.s Getting Lasik done today.. so lets hope and pray for zero complications.
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A Line a Day.. Journaling

Just before the start of last year, I stumbled upon this post by Design Sponge for a Calendar Journal.  I immediately knew this was something I wanted to do just without all the cutting and loose index cards. I liked the idea but the execution was not something that would fit into my life. I could just imagine D having his fun with the index cards, stuffing them into the vents. Yes, that is his new hobby. : )

So as of 2011 I started my one line a day journal. I liked the idea of one line.. you really had to sort through the events of the day and focus on one. It was your choice if you chose to remember a fight or the making up ;) It made me smile everyday before bed as I ran through the images of the day.. well almost everyday.. there were as there always are bad days too. 

In all my excitement I forgot to check how many pages my little notebook had.. and also forgot that I had used this notebook before and had torn out a few pages. My notebook ended in the middle of December, which was not going to work. Obviously. Who would buy another notebook? Who was going to fill in all those pages again with the events of the year passed? So I added the last few pages myself. It was all fine until I reached those pages and they start to tear out.. this notebook wasn't going to last me years to come.. this one was barely holding on to dear life by the end of it first year. I needed a new journal and so the search began. 

In the end I didn't go handmade, though I wanted to.. I really did. And such a beautiful collection of journals as you can see above. I was on Pinterest scrolling through all the beautiful eye candy when I found this little journal that was exactly what I needed.. down to the cover. And it just arrived this morning and it is even more beautiful than the photograph. I can not wait to filling in my line a day..

In hindsight I am glad my little notebook fell apart. Else I would never have found this one.

Do you keep a journal? What do you love most about keeping a journal or diary?
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The Books of 2011

I love to read.. I could finish a book a day forgetting the world around me. But I can't.. with a rambunctious toddler you get no time for yourself until your child naps.. and then you have a whole other list of things you need to get done.. and bedtime can not come sooner.. and you simply don't have enough hours in a day. But I can't not read. Sure it take me a month.. sometimes more to finish a book.. but I must make time to read. I am no particular genre of interest. I am willing to read anything that captures me. And if it doesn't there was time when I would still finish it.. a courtesy to the writer and a hope that it will surprise me. Unfortunately, I no longer have the patience for that. If i'm not hooked by the first hundred pages or so I must move on to the next tale on my bookshelf.

What I read this year:

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris. I started with some laughs. He is a very different kind of funny.. he never fails to entertain and to think this was his life.. his real life.. I count my blessing and appreciate the normalcy of mine.

Not in the Flesh by Ruth Rendell: A quirky small English town murder mystery which was more funny than thrilling. Oddly I don't remember the end of it.. I am trying to recall and I can remember the overall plot but the who did it has been forgotten. Not a very memorable book I guess.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who played with Fire by Stieg Larsson: If you haven't heard of this series you must get out from whatever rock you are living under. If you haven't read it I advise you to read it. I haven't gotten my hands on the third book yet but I will devour it as soon as I get it. I personally preferred the first book over the second but they are all worth the read.

Hunger Games, Catching Fire and MockingJay by Suzanne Collins: Now for me this was an amazing series.. I waited all day for night to come so that I could read some more.. I thought  about the characters and what would happen next during the hours I wasn't reading. I was obsessed. I assume this is what Twilight fans feel like. But the illusion of its awesomeness was broken when my husband started reading the series and was not as in awe of them as I was. He preferred the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. I suppose that these books are geared more towards a young adult audience and while both books are from a girls perspective Lisbeth is mature and twisted with a violent edge. While Katniss is the exact opposite but with a violent edge. Still a highly recommended read.

Currently I am reading 61 Hours by Lee Child: I have read enough to know who I feel about the book yet.

I started to read a few other books too.. but couldn't finish them.. Bullyville by Francine Prose it was intended for a much younger audience and I could get through even the first few chapters. Another was The Exception by Christian Jungersen: This one by husband read and said there was a great twist in the end but the con was that you had to get through the entire book to get there and it just wasn't worth it.

What have you read this year? Any recommendations to add to my list of next years reading?

Currently waiting on my bookshelf are:
Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris
Maps of Hell by Paul Johnston
Ravens by George Dawes Green
Nobody Move by Dennis Johnson

Necklaces and Pendants

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