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and they all fall down

This past week almost all the leaves fell off our trees.. Especially the bright red leaves of the big Japanese maple in our backyard. Friday afternoon right after school we thought we'd take a jump in the leaves, before they had to be raked, bagged and taken away. So glad we took out the time to do so.. the weekend got cold and wet and all the leaves blew away.                             Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   

Friday Photography

In the fall 2008 we took a beautiful road trip through New England.. for those who don't know that is North East part of America including Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. If you haven't had the chance to travel through New England during autumn I suggest you add it to your list.. it is stunning. On one of our stops in Connecticut we took a trip in an old steam train in Essex. It was idyllic. It reminded me of the time when trains were one of the essential modes of transportation.. and every now and then the train would let out a little tut, it was enchanting. These two photographs are of the plush swiveling chairs inside the train. A different treatment, different angles.. different moods. Which do you prefer? Sitting Blue and Sitting the Old Fashioned Way are both available for purchase here . They are available in various sizes and price points. Get my post directly in you inbox with  Bloglovin I am now also offer


I know it feels like I just did a lately post.. but I guess I just haven't been blogging enough lately. I am sick, coughing up a storm. H is teething and is just now finally starting to sleep more than a few hours during the night so with sickness I was also severely sleep deprived. A lot has been going on lately. Last time I showed you some paint being mixed... well the room has been painted now more things are being painted the same color.. we hope to put at least 50%  of it together during the weekend.. finger crossed.. but painting.. doing anything really with a nosy baby is impossible.. we have a huge house filled with toys.. but the only room he wants to be in is the one with the paint. By the way little H is climbing stairs now.. we have baby gated everything. So he now sits by the gate trying to figure out how to open them.. ps can you believe he is now ten months old! I had also mentioned some contractors.. well they have arrived and work on the basement has begun..