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Un-Welcome Home

This was not the first post I was expecting to write after returning from my summer hiatus. After a great trip back home and an even more fun stop over we were all a bit home sick and so happy when we finally landed in JFK. Our 8pm flight stood on the tarmac for another hour because of some rain which caused the departing flights to be delayed and hence an airplane traffic jam! what annoys me is that with all the technological advancements why do we still have to put up with these slight weather delays.. it was light rain not a thunderstorm!! We disembarked the plan around 9:30pm making our way to a hallway that led to stairs that would eventually lead us to immigration. Because of all the delays there was a significant crowd.. everyone tired.. and then we heard the vibration.. it took a second to place and then we saw it.. everyone was turning and running.. running towards us! I had H sleeping in my arms.. I ran.. I didn't know what to do.. I went to the nearest wall and clung