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Happy Holidays

  Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday filled with love and laughter. Our hopefully will be filled with travel and adventure as we headed out on our last trip of the year. You can follow along with us on Instagram The last few weeks have been busy. We managed to score seats for two Rangers games and thankfully they won both times. While we don't do the tree and gifts we do shop. Every year we take the kids on a book shopping spree and here is what they bought. M and I also celebrated 16 years of marriage. We were both sick and didn't really make too big a deal out of it. We did manage to have breakfast with some friends and dinner with some family.  Every year we add a picture on the wall above our bed to celebrate another year. Also want to wish you all a very happy New Year. We did it!  also peace, more open mindedness and understanding, more kindness, love and compassion for our fellow humans.          Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Redbubble         

Thanksgiving in Cancun

The last couple of years we have been spending our Thanksgiving's on a warm tropical island. We don't have much family here and most of our friends are busy so seems pointless, the four of us just sitting at home.  The first time we ventured out was in 2021. We were still dealing with Covid and we had found the strictest most Covid safe island and had the most magical time in Antigua . In 2022 we went to Jamaica . This year we revisited Cancun. The last time we were in Cancun  was in 2016 and H was still in diapers! We had an early morning flight, I had imagined us by the pool by lunch. But things didn't go exactly as planned. We had to disembark the plane due to low tire pressure and reboard over an hour later. The rest of the journey was uneventful. But once we got to the Cancun airport it was madness. And I hate to say it but we got scammed!  We have been avidly traveling for almost 15 years now and have been to countless countries and it was Cancun that got us.. lol. Ye