Friday Photography

Discovery - Inside the intriguing Howe Caverns, in Upstate New York. We visited these caverns on our first road trip with D. You can check out more of our trip here. Geologists believe that the formation of the cave, which lies 156 feet below ground, began several million years ago. Composed mainly of limestone deposited hundreds of millions of years ago when the Atlantic Ocean stretched far inland, the cave contains a lake called the Lake of Venus. This is a sepia toned photograph of stacked jagged edge stones.

To purchase Discovery click here. Available in multiple sizes. 

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In the Basement: A Space for the Boys

Before we even got started on the basement we had know that we wanted to make a special space for the boys.. a little hide out or nook carved out for them. As we progressed with the planning and thanks to Pinterest we were able to find a ton of ideas.. all the while making sure we didn't go too crazy.

When we started with the space it looked something like this:

But after the painting was done and before the carpet was installed we got t work making that perfect little nook for the boys.

Luckily thanks to all the utility rooms we were forced to create a perfect little nook was created for us.. with the help of my dad who happened to be visiting at the time we all got to work and the result was..

Now to take a step back and walk you through the process. Step One was to build the base.

Step Two attach it to the wall.. as an extra support they attached to 2x4's to the wall to lay the base on.. once the entire structure was built those 2x4's were removed. 

Step Three the front of the loft.. 

Step Four the ladder

You see the yellow slide in the background.. well we very much wanted to install a slide to make this little tree house loft complete.. unfortunately things didn't go exactly as planned. the slide was much longer than we had planned for the the space to narrow.. installed we ended up with a slide that ended about two feet away from the wall.. and we almost smacked right into the wall during our practice slide.. not exactly child friendly :(

See for yourself.. eek

The walls surrounding the walls were then covered with plywood for a future project.. and once the once the carpet was laid an area under the loft was created too..


Once the space was created it was my turn to paint.. so first I primed it.. painted the walls and inside of the loft a yellow and the front of the loft plus some stairs blue and upon D's insistence added a touch of pink! And D was in charge of the car decals.

We threw inside the cushions of our old Ektorp sofa that was headed to the curb for some added comfort and stuck glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.. in the near future a rope ladder will be added in place of the slide and the yellow walls have a purpose we home to finish by the end of the year..

We put D's little slide his aunt gave him for his first birthday to good use..

Can you handle a little more..?

The rest of the kids space looks a little like this

The trampoline a gift from aunt on H's first birthday.. some bookshelves we no longer used.. a cute ikea table and chairs, storage buckets and swing in the corner.

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Friday Photography

Dipped Purple - A brilliant purple wild prairie blazing star found in the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

The print can be purchased here. If you aren't looking to decorate your walls right now than maybe your phone could use a new skin on your sofa a pretty purple pillow.. this print can be found a so many pretty things here Take a Peak!

And to see more from our trip to Montreal click here

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The Basement

For my regular readers.. you all know we've been working on our basement since last winter.. it was a big unfinished space and we wanted to make sure whatever we did we did right. Living on the east coast means most of the year it's too cold or wet to go out and we wanted to make a space where our boys could escape to in the winter.. we wanted a place we could hang out with friends.. .. we wanted a lot.. so striking the perfect balance was not easy. So I made layouts.. and more layouts and then we started to meet with contractors.. in case you missed it here's my post about Hiring a Contractor

We started with a large dark rectangular space with an ugly green staircase running down the middle. Our solution.. creating a U shaped space with a large closet running from underneath the staircase to the end of the room..

The layout in its simplest form. The previous owner or the builder thought it was a good idea to scatter the utilities throughout the room.. so we had to create three more closets one for each, the heating, electric and water.. seriously!

Walls were created.. and what a difference it makes.

 The Adult Side

The Kid Side

The Space between the two sides and in front of the staircase

You see how the ceiling is uneven and all these soffits had to be made.. well again that was thanks to the brilliance of the previous owner or builder they thought it made more sense to layer the ducts on top of one another and make clusters instead of spreading them out evenly.. 

Next the walls were painted Behr's Silver Charm.. there is so much in a name.. isn't there? And the carpet laid.

Between the painting and the carpet we cooked up a little surprise for the boys. M took a few days off and with the help of my dad we made a little something.. this post will start to get too long.. so come back next week and I'll show you just what we did.

Have you seen the rest of the house.. take a peek at what else we've been up to. Inside Our Home

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Friday Photography

Colors of Gaudi - If you ever find yourself in Barcelona, luckily you will be surrounded by the most beautiful and eccentric architecture of Gaudi or simply buildings inspired by the mans ingenuity. But the jewel in Gaudi’s crown lies in the Gaudi Park. Acres of creativity, brilliant mosaics and surprises around every corner. This photograph is just an abstracted example of some of the marvels of Antoni Gaudi. Colors of Gaudi can be purchased here

And if wall art is something you are just not looking for right now how about a throw pillow, a cover/case or skin for your gadgets.. drink your coffee in it or better yet wear the coolest leggings or wear a beautiful scarf all with the Colors of Gaudi. Take Your Pick

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The Liebster

The first time I received a Liebster Award was back in 2012. I had answered all the questions and followed all the rules.. the next few times I just skipped it all with just an acknowledgement to the sweet blogger who nominated me..

Seeing that is has been a long time since I answered some questions about me I thought I'd take this as an opportunity to do so.. but I am skipping all the rules.. I would love to say a big Thank You to Ashley from PrettyHappySweet I am honored.

Now getting straight to it.

11 Random Facts about Me:

1. I am left handed.
2. If I could be buried with something.. I'd like to be buried with books.
3. I got my first gray hair before I was 20.. now I have so many :(
4. When people first meet me they often get a snobby vibe.. it just takes me a little while to open up.
5. And once I get talking there is no shutting me up.
6. If I had the luxury to spend my life doing anything.. I would travel.. everywhere.. with M.
7. On an everyday basis I wear no make up.
8. I am an eldest child
9. Super A Type personality.. I need a plan.. I can't just wing it..
10. I have been waiting for D to be old enough for us to read the Harry Potter books together since I found out I was pregnant.
11. I can speak three languages.

The questions Ashley asked were:

1. Who is your favorite singer or band and why?
Oh I don't know.. I don't think I have one. My taste in music varies greatly.. I can go from listening to AC/DC to Phillip Phillips to Maroon5 all in one afternoon.

2. If you were a cup of coffee, what would your name be?
Strong Black

3) What is you favorite make-up item?
I don't really wear much make up but my favorite go to item is eye liner.

4) What does your ‘go to’ outfit consist of?
Jean and a t shirt.. cute ballet flats.

5) What advice would you give your younger self?
To relax, stop worrying so much and have fun.

6) Where is your favorite place to be?
Home and on vacation.. it one of those things where I ache to travel when I'm home and a few days into the vacation your start to miss home.

7) What is your favorite dessert?
Anything with chocolate.. oh and add peanut butter to it and mmmm yum.

8) What is your favorite thing to blog about?
I love to blog about our recent travels.. our latest house projects but I think my favorite it my year end reviews.. it helps put everything in perspective. Reminds you off all the good that happened through the year.

9) If you were on a deserted island, what 3 items would you want with you?
I think a solar powered ipad with great reception would provide you with a camera, countless books, music..Netflix and I can google how to survive on a deserted island and oh probably also call for rescue. Sun block and some tools so i can crack open a coconut and catch some fish. Who am I kidding I would so not survive.. catch a fish.. ha!

10) What is the best gift you have ever given?
Um.. life to the two little munchkins.. two sons to my husband and just my general awesomeness I bestow upon those near me.. lol. As for actual gifts.. the fact that I have to spend minutes racking my brain trying to think of one probably means I haven't given it yet.. oh no wait. I threw my husband a surprise birthday party inviting all of his old childhood friends.. my husband had not only never had a surprise birthday party before he had never had a birthday party before.

11)What advice would you give to fellow new bloggers?
Blog about what you love. Blog consistently.. it doesn't have to be everyday but have a routine of some sort.. so your readers now when to come back. Read and comment on other blogs.. be genuine.. none of that.. follow me and I'll follow you back nonsense.

I went back to take a look at my first Liebster Award post.. and it delighted me to see that two of the blogs I nominated back then are still blogs I visit and are regular readers of my blog.. that made me smile. thank you.

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