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Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Last years.. just a mere 17 minutes ago I had just finished huffing and puffing and there he was my slimy little baby boy. He stayed in the hospital a week longer than he was supposed to.. he liked having all the nurses at his beck and call.. picky he, even switched hospitals. He wanted more special care.. Since that day he has kept us on our toes and we have kinda almost enjoyed every moment of it. So happy birthday baby boy.. I.. we can not imagine life without you.. well we can when we want to sleep in on the weekends and you don't.. : )  But you know what I mean. Here's to many many more..

Father's Day.. accidentally early

It's Father's Day.. tomorrow June 19th is Father's Day, the third Sunday of June, the same time it is every year yet I let my husband sleep in last Saturday on June 11th. When he woke up we all went out to breakfast at Toast in Montclair to beat the Father's Day rush on Sunday. I thought I was being so clever. On Sunday D and I woke him up with a little present. I called my dad who lives continents away to wish him a Happy Father's Day while he sat wondering why my brother didn't say anything to him even though they live in the same house. We convinced my brother that he was a bad son for forgetting; only for me to realize half way through the day that it in fact was not Father's Day on that Sunday. That my brother was right and I was wrong.. something I don't like to admit. The day ended in giggles and laughter.. not a bad way to spend the weekend. So now what to do when the actual Father's Day rolls around? You do what matters the most, more t

Upstate New York Road Trip

It has been so long since we have gotten away. It was this time last year, I was 8 months pregnant and M and I had driven to Woodcliff Spa and Resort, upstate New York for a weekend getaway. We got massages, soaked in the pool, slept and ate. It was perfect and it was also going to be the last time we were going to do all that alone in a while. So finally we thought road trip! Nowhere to far, flexible enough for D and maybe just a little peace. Our first stop was Poughkeepsie where we stopped at the Walkway Over the Hudson, a lovely 1.3 mile walk on what was a sunny and gorgeous day. A view of the bridge from the road as we headed out to lunch at Kavos Gyros.  Our next stop Howe Caverns.. stunning in every way.. and a perfect end to the day. Day2: The Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown... I know I know Cooperstown is supposed to be all about the Baseball but we're not a big baseball family.. and D is a lover of anything outdoors so we go back in time to a place of metal