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Six Days in Paris

Six days in Paris.. it almost seems like a dream. M had a conference in Luxembourg and a few months ago asked if I wanted to join him for the weekend. The kids were going to be out of school, the in laws were going to be here so I said sure. Some time passed and nothing was really confirmed. My sister in law wanted to go on a kid free trip and asked if the in laws visited her over the summer. We said sure. More time went by the the Luxembourg talk started again. We thought to add the kids to the trip since they had never been and maybe do a few days in Paris. The dates were really close the the 4th of July. M said he could squeeze in a couple more vacation days if I wanted to turn this little weekend things into a full on trip. We decided we would stay in Paris and M would commute to Luxembourg a mere 2 hour train ride.  I was really late to planning the trip. Finding a hotel was very difficult. Seems like Paris was the place to be this summer and almost everything was booked. In the e