Art Class with D

The getting messy part was not something he enjoyed.. in fact I was surprised that of the five kids there three had issues with getting dirty and either shied away from it or needed a constant had washing. Is it me or are kids supposed to love getting messy? It was until the very last day that D really opened up and was willing to dip his hand in paint and go crazy (as crazy as he can get)

At the end of the class they'd wind down with a story..

In other news: Sold a 20x30 gallery wrap canvas of 'Violet Queen' to a wonderful home in Australia :)


Jenny McCarthy

Yes, it has happened again.. I am on a lucky streak and I hope it never ends.. Thanks to The Artisan Group I have been given the opportunity to gift the fabulously funny Jenny McCarthy.

Now from what I have been able to gather so far she does not like clutter. Her decor style is modern. She likes color and texture as well as nature. 

So here's the breakdown:

Nature and Colorful (as colorful as my usual somber work is)

 Colorful and Textural


Earth Day

A little something in celebration of yesterdays Earth Day!

Zara Illustrates

Sold Violet Queen to a wonderful home in New Mexico. Beautiful vibrant violet succulents to brighten up your day. 

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I have finally gotten around to edit some of the photographs I took in Aruba and these are just a few with many more waiting.. 


Bethenny Frankel's Gift

As I announced last week... I have had the very good fortune to be included in an exclusive celebrity gifting. I have been choose as one of the handmade artists who will be able to send Bethenny Frankel something.

This has been an opportunity I have been waiting for and my name was finally picked and I was over joyed and then that joy turned into nervousness with the big question looming over me 'What to give?' So I held a little vote here on the blog.. it was too close to call and instead of picking from the six photographs I had originally narrowed it down to some suggested other photographs they liked and thought we better suited. My brain was all over the place.. 

This is what I finally settled upon. Gone. Why? I don't know. I slept on it and when I woke up this was the photograph that was on my mind. It was mounted over the weekend and I mailed it on Monday.. it should be in the company of all the other wonderful gifts by now..

On another note.. I sold Mary, Go Round to a fellow Garden Stater. Thank You!

And congratulations to the lucky giveaway winner Tahera Mustafa! She choose the beautiful autumn photograph Growth

Let's Stay Connected, Shall We?



I came close how a few times but never quite made it. It was funny just how close I would get.. I would get the post ready and the next day i'd be down a few numbers again.. but last week I finally crossed the 500 mark, over 500 Facebook Fans and I am here to share the love with a giveaway. One 4x6 signed limited edition photograph.

What do you need to do?
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Be a fan on my Facebook page and leave the name of the photograph of your liking on my wall.

I'll pick the winner on the 12th of April. All entries must be received by Wednesday April 11th.


Inside the Art Show

As most of you may already know.. it is all I have been talking about... I had my first New York City art exhibition over the weekend at Studio580. I have made it a habit, even a motto maybe to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. So that is what I did.. all these months, weeks days and even to the last hour I hoped for the best but was prepared for the worst..

Thankfully hope was on my side and I had no need to prepare for anything but one of the most amazing experience of my professional life.. The wonderful Javier Infantes started working on this project more than 4 months ago. He received almost 300 applications during all this time, 37 artists were selected. 500 people walked through the doors of Studio580 during those 3 hours. 

And here is just a glimpse

Being surrounded by all this wonderful talent, creative juices flowing, meeting new people, hearing what they have to say, their interpretation of your work, the stories to hear the stories to tell.. this is what I want to be doing. This is where I want to be.. 

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