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We are currently toward the tail end of the holy month of Ramadan.. as of today we have one week of fasting left. For those of you not aware of what Ramadan is, well it is a month where we fast from dawn to dusk.. so at present approximately beginning around 4 am and ending around 8:30 pm. During the fast no food of any kind is permitted. And while I know the hours seem long it's not really all that hard.. it takes a day or two to get used to it and then you can hardly tell.. I personally miss food just because food is awesome but there is not a lot of I'm too hungry to function type of scenarios. We are also celebrating a birthday this month.. D turned the 6 on Thursday :) Since we were all fasting.. minus the kids of course.. we will be taking a rain check on the family celebrations.. but the big boy started his day off with some whip cream covered MnM pancakes. And D continued the celebrations with an ice cream party at school. Friday was D's last day of sc

Friday Photography

Into the Light - Taken while driving through the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel connecting Virginia to Maryland. To read more about our trip read here You can buy this print here Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER Prints also available in larger sizes.  Contact  for more information and special requests. I am now accepting wholesale orders. Get in touch for more information. Love this print but don't think your wall is ready just yet.. how about this print on other things?! Check  these  beauties out.                           Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   

New Jersey's Grounds for Scultpure

With D's Kindergarten year coming to an end their class decided to visit the Ground of Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. I had been meaning to check it out for sometime now so I was excited when I found out it was going to be a family trip. We left H at home with the grandparents.. and though we arrived late D had an exam at his Saturday Islamic school that he couldn't skip :( We stayed even after everyone left and I'm already thinking we need to plan another visit sometime in fall. If you have never been to a sculpture park you must add it to you list of things to do.. Now get ready for a ton of pictures!                            Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   

36 Hours in Boston

For Memorial Day Weekend we planned to leave town for a few days.. we weren't sure how my ankle would be doing by that time so didn't want to book flights plus we were travelling with the boys and my in laws... The weather has been all over the place so a beach vacation was out of the question.. in the end we thought Boston would be the perfect destination. But as the weekend got closer the forecast showed rain and we were on the fence about the whole thing.. Thankfully mother nature was on our side and we left Friday afternoon to beat the rush.. well some of it at least. We checked in to the AC Marriott in Medford. Something to always keep in mind when travelling.. if you have a car then finding a hotel outside the city is often a better option.. It was just a 15 minute drive plus we got free parking..   Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful sunny day and started our day with a great big breakfast at Friendly Toast We followed up breakfast by walking around MIT