Still Raining

While rain can be soothing and cleansing.. provide the perfect backdrop for curling up with a warm cup of something and read..

Droplets available in a variety of sizes.. ready to frame and hang.

When you are going on day three of what seems like a never ending downpour I say enough is enough!
Praying, hoping and wishing for some sun and warmth soon.. 

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it's been busy around here..

TV has been mounted on the brick wall.. harder than it seems.

Curtain's have been found, bought and hung.. i promise pictures will come soon.. we've been so busy doing that I haven't found the time to take pictures.. and I usually have to hide all the baby toys and laundry lying around before I take any pictures.. I shall continue to live in the denial that I have a tidy house : )

We have a space near the garage and laundry room area that is sort of in limbo.. so we built some shoe organizers and a giant calender.. we'll call it command central.. again pictures to come soon I promise!

The boys are getting along wonderfully.. THANK GOD!

We have glorious weather one day and then it becomes frigid the next two.. I do not like this.. I need spring..

Over the weekend we decided to venture into the attic.. the door is in the ceiling of D's closet. A ladder was bought so that M could climb up and we were surprised by what we found up there..

There's a glimpse of just a few of the treasures and a whole lot of trash we found up there.. more on that in another post..

D has decided on the theme of his birthday.. so while it is a few months away.. I have started to brainstorm and make lists.

Now coming to the best part of today.. my dad is flying in.. my mom obviously couldn't be happier.. :D
He is here for a week.. and then they are both gone.. : (

This is going to be another busy week and we have big plans for the weekend so I may not post next Monday.. but then I am back.. so have a happy sunshine filled week even if the weather man said to expect snow tomorrow.. and a fun and relaxing weekend..

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GIVEAWAY: Milestone Memories

I was recently contacted by Amy of Milestone Memory about doing a giveaway. When I saw her shop I was immediately in love with her creations. And as a mommy I was already envisioning the ones I could create of D and H. As a fellow mom Amy loves to create for families a keepsake they can look back upon and cherish for years to come. First Birthday's, First Day of School or any other milestone worth celebrating; Milestone Memory has got something for everyone, customized to meet your needs.

Milestone Memories is giving away a digital file to one lucky reader.. to remember your little ones next milestone forever.

To Enter:
- Visit Milestone Memories adorable shop and tell me which poster you want and leave your email address so I can contact you when you win :)
- Visit Milestone Memories Etsy Shop favorite it by clicking on the little heart.
- Follow my blog via Bloglovin'

It's as simple as that!

Extra Entry
- Get an Extra Entry by Tweeting about this Giveaway and leave a separate comment telling me you did it

You have until March 23rd to enter. Giveaway open to everyone.

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D Behind the Lens

D has been obsessed with taking pictures and he likes to use my phone to do it. He has already broken the screen twice and I would end up with hundreds of pictures of his foot or a red blurry blob on my phone. And not to mention having to fight with him to get my phone back! Instead we decided he needed a camera.. and after much researching and review reading we went with the Playskool Showcam

It is toddler proof.. he has already dropped it a few times. It has big buttons for easy usage.. and comes with a view finder meaning he gets to shoot like mommy :) It has a few other gimmicks I don't care about like noises and you can put a pirate hat on your pictures and things like that.. but the best one is the camera becomes a projector. With the flip of a button D can view all the pictures he just took standing inside our dark pantry his choice of location not mine.

Here are some of D's pictures..  

The resolution, not so great.. but after the gazillions of reviews I read of dozens of kid friendly cameras none of them had great resolution.

The camera allows D to be creative, see the world through another perspective and we get a better look at how he sees things..

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A Place to Eat

Our dinning area started out with our old rug and old dinning table while I searched for a new one.

I really liked the style of the windsor chair and how about that bench? The process of searching for something is made so much easier when you know exactly what you are looking for. I didn't want a chunky looking dinning table or chairs to weigh the room down.. finding the perfect one was surprisingly easier than I had expected. The only down was that the bench didn't make the cut.

Now the question was to rug or not to rug? Originally I had thought rug.. of course a rug. But when we got around to determining how large a rug we would need.. by rule it should be at least 2 feet larger then your table on all sides.. and since we bought a large table my in laws will be moving in soon the size of the rug we needed was going to be very big.. which would end up hiding so much of our floor we would have gone with carpeting if we wanted to hide so much of the floor! Plus I suppose it's easier to sweep up crumbs and wipe up spills off the floor. And so a decision was made, no rug.

Above the table we hung a little reminder from our trip to Turkey you can see more about the trip here plus all the other places we've been here

And for those of you who missed out on what a disaster this space was before and you can see the whole process here

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