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I can smell it in the air!

The air is cool, the sky is gray and the rain is falling.. I have spotted a few yellow leaves. It's here, fall is almost here, I can smell it in the air and I can not contain my excitement! I love the colors and the breeze, I love the layers and sweaters. I will miss my flip flops but I am ready to bring out my boots. Here's a few autumn themed photographs to kick off my favorite season. Orange Leaf   Shroom Climbing Delicately Dry Fall Themed Coasters Another Day Another Time Flora Droplets And they all fall down Colors Filtered Growth The cool weather makes me want to bake, I'm starting out with some warm banana chocolate chip bread.. but instead of a bread pan I'm thinking of using a muffin pan instead and make some delish muffins. The house will smell delectable. We are also celebrating D turning 2 months today.. wow.. how time flies. He now socially smiles, follows movement with his eyes and makes these adorable little noises. He lov

Where do the days go?

Days and nights have become a blur and 7 weeks have gone by since D came into our life. He coos and makes eye contact with us.. feigns interest when I jabber on and on about nothing in particular. This post could do go on and on about all the wonders of D so I'll stop now.. yes, I have become one of those mom's who find their babies to be the most interesting subject matter. But motherhood hasn't stopped me from keeping my shop updated and though my promotional and marketing skills may have become a bit lacking I *Thank God* have still managed to make a few sales. Red Print  and The Inner Core And with the heat beating down on us.. summer is definitely here to stay so a few more flower infused art prints never hurt anyone.. right? So here is Live. Grow. Bloom.                                      and a few more waiting in the wings aching to be listed.. till then enjoy the hot summer days. It won't be long before they are gone..