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D's Yellow Nursery

Its been three months since D came into our lives. But it was many months before that that we started to plan for his room. He may not have known it when he first came home but now we can see him looking around.. it is possible that he is staring at something else completely but I like to think that he smiles because he enjoys the colors around him. When we started out his room at been a make shift office for M and also functioned as a guest room. And it looked like this the day we started to paint. Our choice of color Lemon Pound Cake. We knew he was a he but we didn't want to trap him in a blue room just because he was a boy. We don't believe in excess so we didn't go crazy buying toys.. we thought we'd wait and see what type of a baby he was.. and shop to suit his personality also that it would be wise to wait till he was actually able to play with toys.. but a cute little train and a few others were just too hard to resist. Our crib is the Gra

I'm on the Cover!

I am on the cover of Underwired Magazine's September issue! Well not me per se but my work.. but I do make it on the 3rd page under artists statement! I recieved a copy of the magainze a few days ago but couldn't post till now.. hubbay happened to knock my laptop off the counter over the weekend. Thank god my laptop is intact and in great shaape.. as if nothing ever hapened.. but my charger died.. Thank god for the warranty I'll recieve a new one soon.. but not soon enough.. it will take 6 days! It was a non paying gig but I'm not complaining.. I'm still beaming at the fact that someone found my work interesting enough to put on their cover. The image is of a set of birthday candles with the words Happy Birthday written in a variety of languages. A little something for everyone : ) Happy Birthday and here's me with the the published cover In other news D is almost 3 months old.. he smiles at us.. and he pretends to listen and understand when I ramble on.. a