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Sorry for the Absence

It's been almost a month since my last post.. trust me it seems longer..and i am so glad to be back.. These last few weeks have been really crazy. The Holy month of Ramadan started..for those who don't know it's the month of fasts and prayers. The fasting was not hard after I got used to the no coffee in the morning and we only have 6 more days of fasting left. Not so bad. Speaking of bad, my hard drive crashed, my external harddrive that had 6 years of work accumulated on it and which I had stupidly..yes i admit very very stupidly had not back uped anywhere else. I have so learned my lesson. After the shock wore away I did my research and finally found someone to help we fix it.. he couldn't and instead of returning it evaded my calls for over a week. Once I got it back I sent it to the wonderful Cherry Systems in Atlanta who have recovered all my files and will be mailing them over to me soon.. phew what a relief. Now I plan to back up my back ups. Just when I tho