It's Been 7 Years

It's been seven years since M and I have been married. Ten years since we met and while it did not start out with crazy mad love.. not much love at all actually.. you can read more about our story here But now here we are seven years strong and truly madly oh so deeply crazy in love.

Here's too many many more..

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Canada's African Lion Safari

After spending the day in Niagara we woke up the next morning ready to head back home.. but first my favorite meal of the day breakfast and then some lions.

We had breakfast at the Flying Saucer.. another very satisfying meal. The place is shaped like a giant flying saucer! and of course no meal is complete without the boys both sitting on me while I eat.

Next stop the Lion Safari. The African Lion Safari is in a town called Hamilton an hour northeast of Niagara. M and I had both separately been there before and while I had a great time his was a bit lackluster. On our way there it started to rain.. a heavy downpour that made us think we should probably turn back and head home.. there was no way the animals would be in a good mood with all the rain. But D wanted to see the lions.. so we had no choice but to go on and hope for the best.. well i'm glad we did.. because the rain stopped when we neared the park and by the time me bought tickets the sun started to peak out through the gray clouds.. and like magic it was a perfect day.

 The elephants take a swim in the pond

a llama or alpaca sit in the middle of the road.. just because they can.

beautiful giraffes

white lions

and the monkeys.. oh so funny monkeys had us all amused as they sat on cars and played with antennas.. they were the MVP's of the park.

rhino talking a stroll

and if you ask H about the animals he'll ask 'Animal's? What animals?

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Niagara Falls

I wanted to thank you all for coming back each and every week and reading my little blog and leaving such wonderful comments.. I apologize for being so disconnected these past few weeks.. I love visiting all of your blogs and catching up with you and I haven't been able to do so :(

In September we took a little weekend trip to Canada. The plan was to leave in the afternoon and drive the eight something hours so that we could get there at night and be able to wake up bright and early the next day and start the seeing.. well the afternoon turned to evening and driving at night was harder than we had anticipated. We got to the hotel (Marriott Courtyard) around three instead of the planned midnight and hurried off to sleep.

We started the morning with a delicious breakfast at the Blue Line Diner. It is owned by the oh so nice daughter of a famous hockey player, Marcel Dionne. The place is a hockey fans dream and the breakfast yum, huge portions and the coffee divine. If you don't believe me ask H.

The rest of the day we spent enjoying the beautiful falls..

the maid of the mist

We had lunch at Antica Pizzeria and the pizza's were delicious.. dinner at the Sandstone Grill was less awesome, despite the raving reviews they over cooked our steaks and when we asked them about it they said they were cooked exactly how we had requested. Their complimentary bread which was stuffed with cheese on the other hand was omg! But dry steaks is a real appetite killer.

we ended the night by watching the fireworks right from our hotel window!

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