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Traveling Hiatus

Hello Everyone, I am going to be going on a three week hiatus. We have some international travel planned for this month. The trip we have planned is a pilgrimage of sorts, not a trip of leisure or fun but a journey of spirituality and prayer. I plan to take my camera with me though I am not sure who much I will be using it and how much I will be able to document. We are very excited about this new kind of adventure we will be going on. The Offering The flights will be long and we have more than a few destinations, so we are hopping D will be patient with us and dazzles us with his good behavior. Though lets not kid ourselves.. we will be fully armed with snacks, books, toys and games. We just bought  this  which though for a slightly older child, we hope will keep him amused for sometime and I didn't want to buy him a portable dvd player.. he watches enough tv as it is and I'd rather go with something where he might just learn a thing or two. We also bought a pair of min

I've Got Mail!

In last weeks post I told you all about the fantastic blog swap I was participating in.. I am a bit late in posting the contents of my package.. mainly because my sister in law had a baby and we made an impromptu flight to Texas.. we had some great family time over the weekend. We got back last night and elated to find a package waiting for me at the door. How awesome are all these goodies, especially the camera tray? A great big thank you to Elizabeth.. this was perfect. Get my post directly in you inbox with  Bloglovin I am now also offering ad space.  See  Sponsors  for more information .  Click here to vote Let's Stay Connected, Shall We?