How was everyones holiday? We spent four days doing nothing. Well actually they spent 4 marvelous days doing nothing.. I did what I have been doing since March, cooked, cleaned and was surrounded by my boys. While the holidays and long weekend were about getting some of that much needed family time, the pandemic has given us all loads and loads of family time.. I wouldn't mind some un family time right about now. Me, in the house by myself.. that would really be something. I am not trying to be negative.. everyone is ussually doing there own thing.. not exactly bugging me or anything but you get what I mean right?

I loved not having an alarm.. we woke up when we woke up, which is still queit early.. but then lazed about, made lots of pancakes and waffles and drank plenty of coffee.. earlier this year we started making pour over coffee and it is the best. One day the kids decided to make breakfast.. M chipped in to help but the boys hardly needed any. I am really really trying to teach them some basic kitchen skills, H is all up for it, wants to be a chef when he grows up. D not as enthused but he can make an egg. M on the other hand does not have a single cooking bone in his body. 

D was much more interested in the monetary side of things and decided to charge us for the so called sweet gesture!

We watched a bunch of Christmas movies and played board games and that was pretty much it. 
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Friday Photography

Photograph Bright Blue Book Box Free Library in Notting Hill London

Vertical Art Print Bibliophile Home Decor

Photograph Bright Blue Book Box Free Library

The Book Box - A lovely blue Book Box - Free Library found in the streets of Notting Hill, London. Read more about our trip to London here.

You can buy this print here. Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER

Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests.

I am open to wholesale and licensing opportunities. Get in touch for more information.

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I've been a little off these past couple of weeks.. the days seem to be speeding by. I haven't been sleeping well.. and the days just seems to be blurring together. I feel uninspired and unmotivated. Not to say nothing has been happening.. life still goes on. 

We have of course been reading.. D is reading The Mysterious Benedict Society and H is attempting to read The One and Only Bob, he still needs help with some of the words. We finished the first Harry Potter book and have now started the second one. Over the last few weeks we also watched a lot of movies based on books. We watched the first Harry Potter movie, The One and Only Ivan and Wonder. When asked, the answer was unanimous, the books were better than the movie. Hands down. The boys preferred the way they had imagined things, the movies skipped so many parts.. 

The weather has been all over the place.. and we are making the most of all the warm days that are popping up. In fact we even had an impromptu photo session one day. 

 It was perfect timing because the next day it rained and the wind blew all the leaves away. 

I had a few recipe fails this week.. a cheesecake that didn't set, kebabs that were too dry.. but some hits as well. I had some leftover pizza dough and tried my hand at some money bread.. it was delectable.. so so unhealthy yet so good. M and I had to restrain ourselves to only one piece each, the kids devoured it and ate whatever was left for breakfast. 

and I make this chocolate banana bread often, though I make it in the form of muffins. I added some peanut butter to half.. we loved the peanut butter addition though M preferred chocolate only. 

The longer nights and cooler days gives us more time to indulge in our sweet tooth and we really must control ourselves but everywhere I look there are more dessert recipes just waiting to be tried out. 

Wishing my fellow American's a Happy Thanksgiving.. stay safe everyone. We usually have a friendsgiving but with two of our friends being pregnant we will most likely do nothing.. I anticipate lots of eating, watching movies, board games and maybe some sleep. 
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Friday Photography

Mollestien street in Aarhus, Denmark

Framed Art Work

Photography Home Decor

Mollestien - Little houses, rose bushes and cobblestone streets found on the charming Mollestien street in Aarhus, Denmark. Read more about our trip to Aarhus here.

You can buy this print here. Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER

Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests.

I am open to wholesale and licensing opportunities. Get in touch for more information.   

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We Did It!

Wow.. what a week. I'm sure I'm not the only one when I say that I have been an emotional wreck. I have cried many tears of happiness.. for a second there on Tuesday night I had the same apprehension I had four years ago.. but we did it! 

This beautiful video of CNN contributor Van Jones pretty much sums up how we (those who voted blue) all feel right now.. video. It's been making rounds over social media but if you haven't seen it please do.. and grab a few tissues. 

The boys didn't have school this week so they were also just as tuned into the election process as we were.. the first thing they would do when they would wake up in the morning was ask Alexa who won.
They learned a lot from watching it all unfold. They learned about the electoral college, they learned about the importance of democracy and why we needed to count every vote. They heard President Elect Joe Biden address the nation and noticed how he spoke about hope, unity and bringing people together and now they are seeing how our current President is dealing with loss.. ungracefully.  
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Halloween Covid Edition

How was everyone's Halloweens? We are big on Halloween.. it's the one holiday we properly celebrate.. we host a party every year.. here's last years shenanigan's. We dress up.. nothing over the top but we do a little something.. we decorate the house.. go trick or treating.. 

This year everything was a little different.. no party for one. :( 
While the kids are going to school in person for a couple of days a week the school decided that Halloween would be celebrated on the day everyone is virtual. I convinced the boys to opt for low key costumes.. we bought these scar tattoos from Target last year for M's costume and had plenty to spare add a knife through the head and voila.

They had their virtual parties on Zoom. It a good thing kids are easy to please. 

We decorated the outside of the house.. we add a little every year. Its a mix of store bought and DIY. The bats and black webs are hand cut

We opted against Trick or Treating.. but a neighbor invited the kids over for an outdoor magic show so we went.

All the parents handed out goody bags for the kids.. and the host had scattered bags of candy in their backyard.. and we came home with far more candy then we had expected.

We too had set up a candy table for our trick or treaters.. When we came back we had two little candies remaining.. I restocked the table for the night time trick or treaters but no one else came.. 

All in all not really a bad Halloween. 

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