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The Hope Soap Project

Bring good news to the poor, repair the broken hearted, set free the captives,  fill them with joy and exuberant hope! I recently discovered  The Hope Soap Project . They make the most wonderful smelling natural and organic soap and sell with a mission; to bring love and hope to the survivors of human trafficking all around the world. You can read more about what they do  here I have been lucky enough to sample some of their soaps and each smells as good as the last.. Sandalwood Vanilla, Aloe Calendula Restoration, Oats n Honey, Black Lace and my personal favorite Rosemary Mint just to name a few. Plant the wrapper and watch wild flowers grow. Over 27,000,000 current estimate of slaves worldwide.  Average age of trafficking victims 12. What they ask of you is simple.. buy soap. give hope.  Get my post directly in you inbox with  Bloglovin I am now also offering ad space.  See  Sponsors  for more information .  Newsletter Sign Up - Let's Stay Conn

Command Center

We almost always use our garage as our point of entry to the house. On entering through the garage door we have a tiny landing strip with doors leading to the laundry room and such and a few steps to one side leading to the main floor.. up the steps and just before you enter the kitchen is yet another landing strip of sorts.. It's a small space between our kitchen and dinning room.. and what we decided would be the perfect place to store our shoes.. we were taking them off and tripping over them there anyway .. and also a place for a calendar, things to help us stay organized. This set of skinny shoes organizers fit perfectly.. and store plenty of shoes.. we have a no shoe policy in the house and on the opposite wall I found a large dry erase calendar decal.. this way we all know what's happening when.. underneath we hung this cute little photo display we got as a house warming gift to display all of D's artwork.. not a fan of the refrigerator displays..

Great Wolf Lodge

The past few months, weeks, days have been crazy.. so much has been happening that we've had almost no time to relax and have fun. We've snuck in a dinner here and a movie there.. some fun in the snow but for the most part we're just exhausted.. This last weekend was my dad's one and only weekend in town and April get's super crazy at work for M so we thought.. ESCAPE! And what can be better than a warm indoor water park in this cold wet what is supposed to be spring.. we are still wearing our bubble jackets. While we were hoping the weekend was going to be great.. I was still prepared for it to fail. The last time we went to an indoor water park it was cold indoors and D was afraid of most of it. Thank God but we had a blast! even H got in on the water fun!  There were seven awesome slides.. three of them especially awesome.. and thanks to my parents being there.. they played with the kids while M and I squeezed in some much needed us time.. we chatt