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Upcoming Gallery Show

orn with the intention of giving the opportunity to young artists of exhibiting their work in a high-quality art space in the heart of Manhattan. It is a multidisciplinary exhibition created to allow a quick look at the diversity of the younger and fresher art scene in NYC. 

The Opening Reception will take place on Saturday, March 31 from 7- 10 PM. 


Green Chile Cheeseburger

The dreaded question in every household is always 'What do you want for dinner?' My mom used to ask us this everyday.. we would be getting ready to go to school and why mom would ask us these six words and it was so annoying.. why did she always have to ask us that! Just make anything.. we would say. 

Some years go by and here I am asking my husband that same question.. and he just as annoyed as I was back then tell we to make just anything.. I ask him to narrow down to an ethnicity maybe..a style of cooking.. are you in a rice type of mood or maybe some sort of pasta? He usually is still of no help.. but then there are those rare wonderful days when he will say 'How about a burger?' and I could not be happier.  I had seen this Green Chile Cheeseburger recipe courtesy of Guy Fieri some time ago.

I had liked the sauce that he had made by roasting onions and peppers.. we are spice loving people so this was going to be perfect. I used ground beef instead of pork.. we keep kosher or more accurately Halal.

I love steak fries.. they are my go to fries. I do not remember the last time I made the thinly sliced deep fried variety.

M doesn't like tomatoes and I'm not a fan of onions so our burgers are missing both. Can you say scrumdiddlyumptious? 



Ah my mighty leftovers meal.. some leftover cooked ground beef, pizza sauce, cheese and pizza dough and the result calzones. Never made these before but M didn't want to eat it in pizza form.

I apologize for the lack of prettiness but this is what the finished product looks like in our house.. the extra fanciness of a garnish may occur on special occasions or when we are expecting company.. but this what everyday is like.. bon appetit! 


Luscious Lemon Squares.. ha!

This is my first food post.. it saddens me that the first post is of a cooking failure, but you gotta start somewhere right? And the past few months, ever since I have been more regular with posting and getting a more regular flow of comments.. (Thank You to All You Fabulous Commenters!) I have felt more inspired to post.. I am always thinking about what I can blog about next.. so from now on once a week hopefully I will show you a glimpse of what I made. 

And so we start with Luscious Lemon Square.. and it is not me calling them that.. that is what they're name is.. I am quite aware that they.. it does not look luscious.. nor is it a square.. 

Often food does not end up looking as good as you expected but it still tastes good.. this did not! We could not even get through have of it.. and this is a small 5in circle. 

This is what they were supposed to look like! I also have developed a whole new respect for food photographers.. I being a photographer found this task so difficult.. true the photographs were taken with my iPhone but I doubt the result would have been much better with my other camera. 

Next time I hope to show you something a bit more edible. I can hope can't I?


Ear Candy

About a month ago I heard about Decor Craft Inc. courtesy of  Good Morning America and it's deals segment. There was a 50% off promo code and I do not care much about my headphones and their cuteness but with a deal like this I could not resist. So I bought a little something for M, myself and my phone.. 

Can you really blame me.. : ) 

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