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Birthday Getaway

As most of you may know we had planned a little kid free getaway in December for our anniversary that didn't exactly go as planned. So when our birthdays rolled around.. happened to fall on a weekend.. and my mom was visiting an impromptu getaway seemed perfect. Not wanting to venture too far away from home we picked a cute little bed and breakfast about an hour away. We started my birthday on Saturday with breakfast at home with the family and then headed to the mall for some shopping. We hardly ever get a chance to go to the mall.. and it is even rarer to get an opportunity to go without the kids. We have become online shoppers.. So in a mall.. we hardly knew what to do.. and so instinct took over and we ended up shopping for the boys.. Boy do we suck at this pampering ourselves business. Without the filters of online shopping it seemed a bit mind boggling to scan the racks.. but we didn't not give up till we both bought at least one item for ourselves. The word LOSERS! co

Friday Photography

        Golden Gates - When you go the the Palace of Versailles just outside of Paris gold will be found in abundance. Gold wallpaper, gold architectural accents, gold tassels, gold statues, gold is to be found everywhere. It all begins by greeting you at its grand golden gates. You can buy this print  here  Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER Prints also available in larger sizes.  Contact  for more information and special requests. Love this print but don't think your wall is ready just yet.. how about this print on other things?! Check  these  beauties out.                    Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   

Happy Birthday H!

Boy am I late on this post! So late we've left his birthday month behind us and wondered into the end of M and my birthday month.. For now let's just pretend it's still January for a moment, shall we? What a way to start a year right? It was two years ago.. sitting in a Thai restaurant with our friends on New Year's night with the contractions began.. and 35 hours.. yes 35 hours later and 11 days early we welcomed H into the world.. We thought we'd celebrate with D and I getting together and baking him a cake..the last time D and I had baked a cake was when D turned 16 months . I would have enlisted H's help... but H is less predictable in the kitchen.. eek! I didn't want to make a giant cake for just the few of us. So instead I bought a cake mix and halved it.. and both store frosting as well.. I felt a bit bad not doing it from scratch.. but I sprained my ankle and I needed an easy solution.. yum yum! and then with the leftover

GIVEAWAY: Outtake Prints

I am very excited to have the pleasure of introducing to you another amazing Etsy find.. Outtake Prints  Their shop is stunning.. I am in awe of their brilliant collection and finds..vintage art prints, art nouveau posters, art deco illustrations, antique maps and more. But don't take my word for it.. go ahead check it out.. and if their one shop didn't contain enough awesomeness they have two more.. Outtake Illustrations  features beautiful botanical and anatomic prints as well as something for bird and animal lovers.. Their third shop  Outtake Canvas  features more beautiful vintage prints and antique maps on hand crafted canvases perfect for your home.. Behind this beautiful shop are five creative individuals. The Outtake Prints workshop is based in Riga, Latvia next to the river Daugava. Over the river there are five important and strong bridges crossing it and each of the Outtakers tend to associate themselves with one of the bridges The Shroud Bridge, The

GIVEAWAY: Lylicraft Throw Pillow Covers

I recently had the pleasure of discovering the lovely shop Lylicraft and her pretty pillows and wallets. Lyli grew up with her grandmother watching her sew and learned to sew from her at a very young age. Lyli uses beautiful Malaysian fabrics to create her pillows, wallets and cosmetic bags. Lyli is so generously giving away two of her beautiful batik print pillows to one of my awesome readers. Plus February just so happens to be her birthday month just like M and I ! Happy Birthday Lyli!  The lucky winner will win these two pillows Entry -Form                           Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   

GIVEAWAY: Valentine Wreath from Dilly Dally Designs Co

Hello February.. let's hope a great deal better than January. M and I celebrate birthdays; and with Valentine's Day, Super Bowl the Oscars and a great 29 days.. February really is quite a month. A I hope to celebrate the month with all you wonderful people with a giveaway or two.. well three actually.. Starting out the month with a brand new shop Dilly Dally Designs Co . Valerie of Dilly Dally Designs Co has always loved to craft and create, especially her burlap wreaths. But what she loves the most is that her wreaths may help play a small part in making someones house a home.   At present Valerie has filled her shop  with beautiful Valentine themed wreaths and soon hopes to create more festive, seasonal and everyday wreathes. Dilly Dally Designs Co is so generously offering one of lucky readers one of the beautiful Valentine's Day wreaths below Entry -Form                            Etsy             Instagram             Twitter