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Our First Makeover

My husband and I are huge fans of HGTV and watch in awe as rooms are tranformed, we are even more mesmerized when old furniture is tranformed into something completely new with just a splash of paint. We always wish we could do it but the fact of the matter is we never have the time. A few months ago we came across the cutest little desk on Craigslist being sold for no more $15, yes you read right $15! It was an offer to good to resist and the desk was in a pretty decent condition, perfect for our first makeover effort. The top of the desk had quite a bumpy texture and a few other nicks here and there which we sanded away and then used a woodfiller to smoothen out the surface. It was a job we could have easily accomplished over two weekends but with our crazy schedules it took us a few months to get the job done. We used some left over paint from previous projects and bought some new hardware and bought a paint sample to use to paint them. And wahla! For now this will

My Etsy Threadkiller Friends

I have been stuck in a crazy lazy unproductive funk.. and since I do nothing but sleep all day I have nothing interesting to write about.. no pictures to post. But I am dedicated to this blog and I have vowed to atleast post something new once a week. The week is nearing its end I still have nothing to post. So this week is dedicated to my Etsy threadkiller friends. These are all wonderfully talented people and so nice. 'Let It Snow Jewelry Set' This eye-catching jewelry set is perfect for the upcoming holiday season! The shades of blue, white, and silver echo both the representation of snow and the traditional colors of the Hannukah holiday. Found in Violinkeri's Shop 'Heidi Spring Asymmetrical Bracelet and Earring Set' This gorgeous spring-colored jewelry set includes a funky asymmetrical bracelet and matching drop earrings. Found in LisbonSky's Shop                                                                              'Purple Mroosaur