We Went to the Zoo

A month of no blogging made me realize just how much I love to blog, it was as if a part of me was missing.. we have a running nose, a stuffy nose and a headache that's going on five days now. Ramadan just started, D is going to summer camp and H is trying a hand and finger foods. But hopefully, fingers crossed, this is me back..

So much has happened in this past month.. so let me take you back to the beginning.. when we went to the Bronx Zoo. It was our first visit. We were there from open to close and I'm pretty sure we saw only half of the animals. We started the trip out with sleeping hippo's and polar bears in no mood to entertain.. but the disappointment ended there.. the big brown bears were in a heat.. they were frolicking in the water, trying to affectionately eat each other or make out with each other. not really sure.. but D was awed.

A monkey got frighteningly close.. it was very cool though you could tell D was a bit cautious..

the gorilla's were magnificent. they had just had a baby and it was beautiful to see them all gathered to welcome to new little on.

we rode the monorail..

and a camel..

and when the day came to an end we had to drag D out kicking and screaming.. :( I guess that means we need to go to the zoo more often.

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