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Two Days in Yosemite National Park

On the eighth day of our Californian adventure we left the city of Los Angeles behind. But before we made the long long drive to Yosemite National Park we stopped to have breakfast with my cousin and his fiancee. This is the cousin we had dinner with when we were in Anaheim but we couldn't meet his fiancee so we arranged a breakfast before we left.         We met at Republic The food was great and their baked goods section was ridiculous! We even bought some goodies for the road.  The drive to YNP entrance was around five hours long. We stayed right outside the entrance at Tenya Lodge in Fish Camp. We had booked a 5pm Yosemite Valley Floor tour for that evening. The valley floor is an additional hours drive from the entrance so even though we tried to time things perfectly we still thankfully just barely made it to the tour. H had to throw up.. those roads in the national park are winding.  But we made it.. phew! If you are going to YNP for the first time I highly recommend startin

Universal Studio Hollywood

We took a two day break before emerging ourselves in yet another theme park. Disney had been a good enough experience so we were hoping Universal Studio but be similar. Thankfully we were correct. The last time we had been to a Universal park was in Florida and once again it had been a nightmare.. it is once again much larger than the California version and the lines.. oh the lines! Universal Studio Hollywood 415 acres large while the one is Florida spans 735 acres.  We didn't have to rush to much in the morning as the park opened at 9am.. but we still decided to have a grab and go breakfast. We grabbed bagels at Bagel Nosh Deli and ate on our way to the park. We had bought the Universal Express Pass and hoped for a smooth experience. They had a massive parking lot and then you walked through their Universal City Walk in order to get to the main entrance. The park is built on two floors. We started with the upper lot.  Our first stop was Hogwarts.  FIRST RIDE - FLIGHT OF THE HIPP