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The Breathtakingly Beautiful Isle of Skye

Our Loch Ness tour ended around 5pm and by 7pm we were parked at Hector's Boothy for dinner. It was fine.. not much else was open and we needed to eat. A bit bland for our liking.. nothing horrible. And then we crossed over the Skye Bridge and entered the Isle of Skye. Isle of Skye has resisted against skyscrapers and chain hotels and even chain restaurants. While Isle of Skye does have it's share of local hotels, it mainly thrives on bed and breakfasts, camp sites and caravans. We opted to stay at a BnB in Upper Breakish. While it was a little far from most tourist spots it was a shorter drive when driving into the Isle at night and would be quicker to get back to the mainland the day of departure. We stayed at Bed and Breakfast Rodel. It was run by an elderly woman, Nan who the boys immediately took to. The boys loved the idea of staying in someone's house and H ran to the kitchen the moment we woke up to chit chat and sneak in some screen time while Nan prepared b

The Search for Nessie in the Loch Ness

Our September has been insane.. my brother had a baby.. their third.. and I ended up making two trips to Houston.. one solo and one with the family.. the boys have already missed two days of school and we have just now finally begun to get into our routine.. We did have a wonderful family filled time in Houston but ugh I hate flying.. as much as I love travelling I hate airports and planes and packing! Back to our United Kingdom trip.. From Edinburgh  we made our way to the Loch Ness.. I had told the boys all about Nessie and I had a little believer while my eldest was the cynic. We booked a two hour Freedom tour with the Jacobite which included a stop at the Urquhart Castle. We sat on the top open area for the first half of our journey along the Loch Ness. The boys were given complimentary drawstring bags and coloring books. After the first five minutes of staring out into the waters it got boring. The tour guide was talking but nothing captivating or interesting.. It took

Summer of 2019

I have a few more cities left to post about from our United Kingdom summer vacation but before summer is completely gone and fall approaches I want to recap some of our summer fun. We went for a little weekend getaway with family to Upstate New York to celebrate the 4th of July. We stayed in Corning and went to Watkins Glen to hike through the gorge.. which was simply stunning.. and then went a little further up to the Robert Treman State Park near Ithaca for some swimming.. We did some crafts.. we bought these model planes last summer and never got around to making them.. until now.  Both of their planes are now hanging in their bedrooms..  We also made crystals with borax and pipe cleaners   We sailed on the Hudson with friends..  We read a lot.. our town library runs a great reading program and the boys get so many goodies after completing certain goals. We hit a nearby book sale as well as spent some birthday money at Barnes and No