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2013 in Books

Another slow reading year.. with travelling, moving and the baby I was usually too tired at the end of the day to read more than a few pages. Rarely do I go to sleep without reading even a few pages of flip through a magazine..  I used to have this thing about never leaving a book unfinished. I thought it rude to the author to not finish. There was always a slight chance that things would turn around and with a little clever twist I would end up liking it rather than not. I can no longer afford to do that. I am mom to a toddler, I am exhausted, I barely get the time to read. I make the time because I love to read. If in the first few chapters I am not even mildly engaged then I just stop reading and move on. I started off the year with The Solitary Tales.. a series of four books. I won the first three in a giveaway and am now waiting for the fourth. 1. Solitary - Travis Thrasher - On an average day I would have never picked up these books. They are about a teenage boy new in

Looking back at Twenty Thirteen

This was really one hell of a year.. eventful is an understatement. D and I spent two months in Karachi  joined my M in the last two weeks. We spent three amazing days in Istanbul 1 2 3 And Labor Day weekend was spent with family in Houston My little brother got married.. it was one long wedding but so much fun 1 2 3 4 5 We got pregnant ! Moved! I made my 117th sale! Finished editing photographs taken in Egypt and Iran Dressed up for our first Halloween ! We hired a  Contractor and started to remodel.. check out all we've done so far here The birth of little H just missed the list.. This has.. had been quite a year.. can't wait to see what the next year.. this year has in store for us! How was your 2013? Any plans already in motion for 2014? Trips waiting to be taken? Milestones on the brink of being accomplished? Here's to them all being achieved! Here's to your health and happiness! Here's to our fa

Introducing Hasan

On 2nd January we welcomed our second son. He was a tiny little thing.. but that didn't mean he made coming into this world any easier. He started making the move in the last few hours of 2013 and took the long scenic route out. Lets just say 'ouch!'  D started with just plain ignoring him.. and has now slowly progressed to acknowledging him at times.. I'm not complaining. I'll take ignoring over jealousy any day.  We named the little one who will from now on be referred to as 'H' Hasan. Pronounced like Hudson minus the 'd'. It was the name of the first grandson of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). It means 'to be beautiful and to be good'  Get my post directly in you inbox with  Bloglovin I am now also offering ad space.  See  Sponsors  for more information .  Newsletter Sign Up - Let's Stay Connected, Shall We?