Our first Airbnb Experience

When ever we make a trip back home to Pakistan we try to take a little side trip on the way back home.. some time being just the four of us before heading back to the grind. Last time we choose to spend a few days in Turkey. This time after much consideration we choose Denmark.

We flew into Copenhagen in the morning and made our way to our Airbnb.. yes we got an Airbnb. Our first ever! Now before I get into our trip I wanted to talk a bit about Airbnb. I am curious about others who have used it and what their experiences were like.

Initially I looked into traditional hotels but they all seemed too expensive, too small to comfortably fit four or too far. We were looking for something with good walk-ability. And when nothing seemed to fit the bill I widened the search. The Airbnb website was pretty easy to use and while I had looked into the idea of getting an Airbnb a few times before we had never actually booked one. I looked at a few apartments, sent a few messages and then we had one picked..

It was the perfect little apartment, the location could not have been better and it was exactly what we had needed to make our trip perfect. 

Would we use it again? Yes if the need arose but it would not be our first choice. I would always begin my search by looking at traditional hotels. Why? I have small children and I don't want to have to constantly worry that they will accidentally break or damage something in someone else's home. It was an old building with thin walls, I had to shush the boys repeatedly. When on vacation I don't want to have to make the beds or cook. I.. we like to come back to our rooms tired from exploring and finding everything magically tidied up.

But for this particular trip this was just what we needed.. more about the trip coming soon. I promise. I just have so many pictures!!

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My Best Friends Wedding

Our main reason for travelling back home was because one of my best friends was getting married. I have had other friends who have gotten married and I have pretty much missed every single one of them.. the timing was never right. I was pregnant or had just had one of the boys for at least three of them. But when.. let's call her FP told me she had found the one and they were getting engaged I was ecstatic.. I told her to tell me when the wedding was as early as she possibly could.. and I would try my hardest to make it.. she gave me a six months heads up and we made it!

It was one of the most fun weddings I have ever attended and by far the longest.. and we are known for our long weddings. Mine lasted over a week. And what made it more special was her, I love her like a sister and I wish her so much happiness.. 

Here's a glimpse at the festivities.

We had a wonderful time.. took countless pictures..
Kind of wish I was married in the age of the selfie and the iPhone... would have had so many more fun pictures to look back on.

SCHOOL UPDATE - Towards the end of last week H went to school tear free and actually got mad at me one day when I showed up a few minutes early!     
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Friday Photography


Just a Dash of Pink - Every year around the end of March till the mid of April Washington DC is pretty in pink. Everywhere you go you see these beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom. These trees were in fact a gift from the Japanese back in 1912. When I saw these blossoms they were so delicate I wanted that to come across in the image. The photograph had many flowers, pink petals everywhere but the emphasis on just how soft and light these petal were wasn't coming through to my liking. Hence, I thought the method of selective coloring would do it better justice.

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Back to School

This week was back to school week.. yay!

D went off to first grade... FIRST GRADE!! This was his first time on the school bus and I must say he was such a good boy.. so excited.

H was a whole different story.. he too was very excited to go to school. He too wanted a backpack which he did not need like his brother, I had to fish out one of D's old backpacks. He too wanted to ride the school bus like his big brother, also not happening. I will have the pleasure of driving him for the next three-ish years.  After much explaining that mommy's minivan was just like a school bus he was ready to go

He went to his class and when I asked if mommy can go he said yes.. and so I left.. so surprised. D cried the first week he first went to school. What a big boy H was.. :)

And then when I picked him up I found out he pretty much cried the whole three hours he was there, and the same happened the next day.. I managed to sneak out while he was playing but he still cried most of the day, the next day he would not leave me. He knew exactly what was going to happen. I played with him a long time before I had to leave the crying little munchkin behind. :(
He sobbed every time I picked him up, he clung to me the rest of the day when at home. Thursday night he firmly told me he was not going back. Friday morning he reminded me of the fact he was not going back. I had to trick him to get him in the car, told him we were going to do groceries.. he started crying the moment we pulled into the school parking lot.. I had to pry him off me :( :(
He told me he wants to go live with his grandma (my mom) so he doesn't have to go to school. Ever.

Monday will not be fun.

D thankfully is enjoying first grade. Every day when he gets off the school bus he starts with 'do you know what happened..' and then he shares with me all the funny things they did in class.. not all of his stories make sense out of context but watching his big eyes get bigger and his facial expressions.. you can tell he is happy. :)

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Friday Photography

Islamic Pattern - Islamic art, typically, though not entirely focuses on the depiction of patterns and Arabic calligraphy. If you have ever seen Arabic calligraphy you could see that it manages to be both structured as well as organic at the same time. Similar are so many Islamic patterns, they have a strong geometrical sense but still posses great fluidity. This picture is an example of such, it is a hand painted Islamic pattern on the wall of a mosque in Yazd, Iran. The rich colors and the flowing lines are a wonder to see.

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I am now accepting wholesale orders. Get in touch for more information.

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The Journey Begins - Karachi

this post was meant for last week but some error occurred and it disappeared and in the craziness that is life it took so long to re write it :(

Happy Labor Day my fellow American's... hope you are all enjoying your long weekend  

Flying to Karachi is a minimum 16 hour ordeal.. there are no direct flights either. We flew via Emirates with an hour and a half stopover in Dubai. I started planning weeks in advance.. not so much for once we landed but mainly for the 16 hours it would take to get there.. I was very nervous about the flight. I packed snacks, water bottle, candy in case of emergencies like a crying fit.. I also packed a book each, a coloring book for H those invisible ink ones, activity book for D, a bag of lego's and play doh.. my bag was full! Plus of course extra change of clothes for everyone and plastic bags.. D is our resident vomitter. 

Thank God some twenty hours later we were safely in Karachi.. I say twenty because we had some flight delays in Dubai. The boys were both pretty good... I didn't get much sleep since they both decided to adopt different sleep cycles.. H was all about the play doh and D couldn't believe that he was allowed unlimited screen time. Emirates proved once again what a great airline it is M would disagree since they lost one of his bags. The kids got special kids meals.. good ones, D my picky eater gobbled it up and they provided such fun kids activity packets.

And then I was home.. or what I once called home.. and the boys were bathed with attention and love and hugs and kisses.. :) they were under the weather on and off but we got through it and we all still had a lot of fun.

Cousin Reunion.. actually the last time they met two of them hadn't even been born

aww.. she is two months older than H

A mall day ending with dessert with M's sister and family.

it's a boys club

I can not think of anything cuter!

can you feel the love?

 watching the magic of liquid nitrogen ice cream 

with my mom's pet parrot

 playing dress up

bonding with one of my brother's goats.. yes my brother has goats.. never did I think i'd be saying that

with their nanu (my dad)

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