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D Turns Twelve

Last week D turned 12!  We celebrated with some birthday waffles Then we went to our local book sale we picked up this huge pile for $9 Afterwards D got a free scoop of ice cream for his birthday from Baskin Robbins. He requested a restaurant that made chicken alfredo so we found an Italian restaurant.. we don't eat much Italian that's not pizza or homemade. And then birthday cake.  ps we are travelling :) follow me on instagram to find out where and what we are up to.                       Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   

Kitchen Renovations - Before and After

When we bought this house eight years ago we knew the kitchen had to go but there was so many other things around the house that needed fixing and it was all much easier than having to live without a kitchen. It wasn't hideous so we made the best of it. In 2013 we had a wall knocked down and opened up the floor plan, put in some new flooring and slapped on a fresh coat of paint. You can see more of our renovation posts here .  Now that most of the house had been fixed up we knew it was time to take a sledgehammer to that kitchen. And if that wasn't enough the dishwasher only washed sometimes and half the stove didn't heat up, after a leak our floors had started to bubble.. the kitchen was begging for a makeover. BEFORE While we were at it we thought some new living room furniture wouldn't hurt. Give the whole space a brand new feeling. But I'll post about that in another post. IN PROGRESS  We went to multiple kitchen design places months before any of this started.

Grand Canyon

Over Memorial Day weekend we went on a very short and quick little getaway to the Grand Canyon. M's parents are visiting. And while they come often, well because they come often and stay for extended periods we sort of forget to make a big deal out of it. So this time we thought to take them somewhere. We left Saturday early morning. Thanks to the time difference it was still morning when we landed in Phoenix and sweltering hot. We rented a car via Turo - its like an AirBnb for cars. Our initial 3.5 hour drive very quickly turned into an almost 5 hour drive to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Thankfully we were prepared with books, music and snacks and managed to check in around 3pm. We stayed at the Red Feather Lodge just outside the Grand Canyon in the Grand Canyon Village.  After getting a park pass we parked and boarded the Kaibab Rim (Orange) Route shuttle. I was impressed with how well organized the park was. I had researched all the trails to make sure they were fun enough