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It’s time again to bring to you more of my tales from the road. Yes, we took another road trip, just M, myself and a now 14 month old D. This time we headed up to the Great White North. This became D’s second international trip and he had the fortune of meet some of the most warm and friendly people I have ever met, the Canadians. J We started our trip with the capital, Ottawa. But before I get to it I must first mention the amazingly delish lunch we had on our way to Canada. It was a few minutes detour off the highway and into a German restaurant by the name of Hallo Berlin in Conklin, New York. Now this was our first time eating German food and the fact that we do not eat pork or drink alcohol made the menu all the more daunting. I don’t know why we chose German of all cuisines but I’m glad we did because my alpenwurst and M’s schnitzel was terrific. So if you ever find yourself in the area I would make it a point to stop by for a bite. Now back to Ottawa.