A Gift for Jenny McCarthy

We are back from our trip and we had a blast.. can't wait to share pictures and stories with you all.. soon I hope. Till then..

A few weeks ago I had shared with you this terrific opportunity that had come my way thanks to The Artisan Group, sending a little something to Jenny McCarthy. A big thank you to everyone who had weighed in and helped me make this decision.. it was a pretty close call between two photographs and in the end I went with the always popular Sitting Blue.  

I matted it this time instead of mounting it on wood. I hadn't been 100% satisfied with my gifting to Ms. Frankel. It had been my first time and there was too much self doubt involved in the process. This time around I was a bit, yes just a bit more confident.

I included in the package a bio card (I stumbled upon a crazy deal of 30 free bio cards and all I had to do was pay shipping!) I wrote a little something from me to her on the back. And two business cards.. 

Wrapped it all up in some bright pink tissue and tied a jute string around it.. I am the worse gift wrapper.. my go to is putting the present in a bag and stuffing it with tissue.. so this was quite an accomplishment.

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Road Trippin'

Hey everyone.. we are getting ready for a road trip.. : )

Though first I'd like to say thank you so much for all the lovely Mother's Day comments.. yes he has big cute  eyes and he knows how to use them..

Now back to the road trip. We love a good road trip and try to take one every year.. M does most of the driving, D naps in the back and I talk, sing (badly) and read. We will drive down to Baltimore, take D to his first aquarium and then head on over to DC then Virginia.. drive along the Skyline Drive, make stops in Charlottesville, Richmond, Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Hoping the weather cooperates with us and we have nothing but clear skies and warm sunshine. We'll swing by Assateague Island to see some wild ponies and then finish off in Ocean City, New Jersey. D might just ride his first Ferris Wheel.

We love good food.. breakfast is very important and we live for dessert. Have you been to any of these places, live there perhaps, have some must eats, must sees, must dos.. please share.

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Mother's Day

I hope all you mothers and daughter and sons had a lovely mother's day. We spoke with M's mom who lives far far away.. I wasn't able to speak to mine.. she is travelling right now and we don't get to speak much.. we don't live in the some country, not even the same continent and in different time zones but try to speak a few times a week and skype just as much but even those days when we are busy and days go by without talking I know she is right there in her home just a phone call away. This trip she is on makes me miss her a lot more, she with my dad and brother have been travelling for a few weeks now and won't be back home for another few weeks.. and her not being just a phone call away makes me uneasy.. if you could please say a little prayer for their safe journey and safe return home..

That's us when she visited last year for D's first birthday.. while searching for a picture of us together I came to realize that we have no pictures together.. forget good pictures there are just no pictures period. Must rectify this when I meet her next (hopefully next year).

This was my second mother's day.. which started with a dinner the night before.. breakfast the day of and shiny black boots. I must elaborate on this breakfast.. the restaurant is as unfancy as they come but the food.. divine. The pancakes are heavenly melt in your mouth clouds puffs and the coffee.. just keeps on coming and is never burnt or watery just perfect.. one perfect cup after another... and the staff makes you feel at home.. if you ever in New Jersey.. stop at The Stack Pancake and Steak House (they need a better name).. they serve breakfast all day.

There are times when they are being difficult and you are tired and you just want to shake them or scream but then he looks at my with those big eyes and utters his new favorite word/alphabet/sound (he hasn't started to speak yet) O.. he says it as an exclamation at first and then senses my displeasure and then turns it into a question O? and you melt.. and then all you want to do is hug him and he hugs back and that is the magical moment that makes it all worth while..

See how we celebrated my first mother's day here

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After a lot of throwing and screaming.. D has finally mastered his first puzzle. It was a tool puzzle gifted to him on his birthday. I have decided to get if another, something new to challenge him. That got me searching for puzzles on Etsy. Below are just a few I found. 

A little note I felt I had to add.. I almost considered not posting this post. When I am reading someones blog I like to see pretty pictures and I would think that you are no different. I try my best to showcase the best. It is something I often struggle with myself, when taking photographs of things I have cooked or DIYed  so I know it's not easy but when searching for puzzle products I was disappointed with some very bad photographs. When you are trying to get someone to buy something without seeing it in person, without being able to touch it the photograph has to be really good.. it has to be as good as touching and seeing up close and personal. The Curious Pug's blog post "5 Reason's I Won't Buy From an Online Shop" just drives home the point I am trying to make.

That was one of the reasons I ended up including puzzle shaped soap in my purely toy puzzle filled post. I actually felt like reaching in and grabbing one.. and while I imagine taking a bite of that soap (which i in no way recommend) it just looks that good.

Before I go I wish all the mothers reading a very Happy Mothers Day in advance.. come back on Monday to read all about the Mother's Day festivities in my house.. (if any.. fingers crossed)

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Growth Chart

D is almost two years old now and making a growth chart for him has been on my to do list since before he was even born.. yes, that is how far behind I am on my list of things to do.. hey.. don't judge!

I started with cardboard from the white corrugated display boards you can get at any Micheal's or Staples. Cut it in to pieces. 

 I attached the two pieces with colorful stripes of felt. I used a pliable material mainly so that it could be easily folded. Else I'd have D pulling at it and most probably doodling on it.. I also used the same colored felt as an edging.

The back being brown and covered with writing I decided to glue on some colorful gift wrap, so that it looks nice folded.

I marked D's height at 6 month intervals and glued a button at the end of every marking.

Then I marked M and my height too.. yes that is me under the 5feet mark..

I added a jute loop to both sides of the chart to I could fold it and hang in D's room.

and in other news.. I just sold 'Dark Day' to a lovely woman in Germany!

For those who can't get enough of me ; )
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Proudly Displayed

Over the weekend we picked out of a few of the many many creations D made in his art class and framed them.

 And then his father with his assistance of course put them up on the wall. 

For those who can't get enough of me ; )
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