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Friday Photography

  Quiraing  - The stunning green landslip found in Isle of Skye, Scotland. It is said that the Quiraing is still moving. To read more about our trip to Scotland click  here You can buy this print  here . Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests. I am open to wholesale and licensing opportunities. Get in touch for more information.                          Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   


Lately I haven't been feel very motivated to blog. Every day pretty much feels like the last.. so not much to inspire me to write. The kids have been going back to school. They go four days a week.. mornings only. Meaning they are back home for lunch and then log in for virtual learnings in the afternoon. Those few hours in the morning of them gone is doing us all a lot of good.  Have you heard of diamond painting? The boys just finished their recent puzzles and they were looking for a change. So I bought one on Amazon to work on together. Their excitement didn't last long.. I think they find it too monotonous.. so now I do a few minutes everyday while I sip my afternoon coffee. I find it relaxing. We finally got around to finishing up M's office space. It was originally meant to be a formal dining room. We are really not formal dining room people. We redid it the first time in 2015.. you can see it here . We had fixed it up all by ourselves and were very proud of the first