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Giveaway: SockFlow Sock Subscription Box

We have been having a though last week.. M's grand father passed away over the weekend. We was very sick for a few weeks so M's parent's decided to head back home and be with him in his final moments.. thankfully they made it back just in time. My brother and sister in law also left and our family went from eight to four. So while I attempted to create a new routine, M tried to grieve with his family continents away and that is just some of what has been going on... hope to fill you in on more soon, including some more renovation news.. :) In the mean time.. how about some cool socks to keep our feet nice and warm this winter? I was recently contacted by a monthly sock subscription box Sockflow .  Sockflow is a part of a  Norwegian  company called Havfruen Vannaerobic AS who in turn partnered with a few amazing sock producers of South Korea. You can read more about them here . Lucky for me my sock box arrived in the mail a few days ago and while there were no goodies for

Friday Photography: Tis the Season

I have been planning to expand my Etsy shop for some while now and what better time than the holiday season right? I started by adding some Christmas themed throw pillows and hope to add more designs with time.. They are all available in three different sizes, inserts not included.  To purchase or for more information click here Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER                    Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   

Just the Three Of Us: Wildwood

Towards the end of August.. which now seems like a lifetime ago, we planned a little beach getaway. The main purpose of this getaway was to getaway from H. I was in the process of trying to wean him meaning he was being super clingy.. D on the other hand was in need of some attention and extra loving.. so we spent a few nights in Wildwood while grand parents took care of the little one. Thank God for grand parents. We with some hesitation we picked a motel close to the beach.. The Blue Palms Resort. The motel was made up of the main building with a large pool and a small side building with a small pool. We opted for the  small side building and it turned out perfectly. While everyone flocked to the larger pool we most of the time had the smaller pool to ourselves.. total win. We started our mornings off at the beach, afternoons in the pool, we squeezed in a nap and then spent the night on the boardwalk. It was just what we needed.. the water was perfect, the beach not too crowded.

Friday Photography

    Frustration - One of the many fantastic statues at Rodin Museum in Paris. The emotion he has captured in the mans face and the masterfully done hands held my attention. You can buy this print here Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests. Love this print but don't think your wall is ready just yet.. how about this print on other things?! Check these beauties out.                        Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   

The Formal Dinning Room Gets A New Job

This post has been long over due.. we started working on this project last winter.. it was sort of done by February.. it's still far from finished.. but I don't want to finish the room and fill it with furniture just to be done with it.. I want the process to be organic.. the room in the state it is right now serves the purpose we want right now.. the room as a lot of room for growth but we are not sure which direction we want to take it in.. hence the wait.. you'll see what I mean..  The room began as our formal dining room.. but we are not very formal dining room sort of people.. and I didn't want use it as a formal dining room because that's what it was supposed to be.. I wanted it to be a room we use, I wanted it to have a function..  M and I have dabbled in DIY's but we are not builders.. we did the basement loft after this project. At this point we were complete novices.. but we knew our  strengths  and weaknesses.. we made a point not to