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Family Room: Places to Sit and a Rug

I have been meaning to update everyone on how our family room is coming along.. but as you can imagine I have been pressed for time and finding the perfect sofa, rug, curtains has been not easy. We bought a new grey sectional. The black leather sofa we already owned and thought it went nicely with the space and color palette. The rug was far more tricky.. the size we were looking for was larger than the standard thus harder to find in the price range we were comfortable with. While we loved the feel of our old shag rug it was not kid friendly. So we searched and searched till we found something we could agree upon. Our next task curtains! Even harder than the rug. We bought several colors to try out what we liked and didn't, should we go pattern or plain.. we have found a winner thank god but have yet to put them up.. hopefully a task for the coming weekend.. Then we need to: Mount the TV above the fireplace Buy a few pieces of furniture like a sofa/cons

Etsy Find - Linn Warme

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As you can imagine there is a lot going on lately.. My mom flew in a week or two before little H came and has been living with us since.. which means tons of bonding with the boys (a great plus since she lives continents away and the only bonding time she usually gets is via skype) plus tons of rest for me. What will I do when she leaves!? We have had snow.. so much snow.. well most of the country has had it's share of the snow by now .. and while it started out fun.. our house has a slope in the back so we all.. all except little H went sledding for the first time..ever! It was a lot more fun than I had expected. But now I am done.. I don't want to see another snowflake till December! I'm sitting here by our window watching the snow fall as I type this! H is a month and a half.. a month and a half! Can you believe it? I can't. D is being an excellent big brother.. he sings to H, makes grossed out faces when The H.. yes he like to add 'the' before