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A Splendid Day in York

On the 5th day we left London .. we rented a car for the rest of our trip.. the United Kingdom has a great public transport system and while we did take trains all through out our  spring break  trip we  M opted to drive this time around. It was a rough start with driving on the other side of the road.. and figuring out the road signs etc.. I must say that I think the roads in America are marked so much more clearly.. and the roads are also so much wider and smoother. But very soon our rough start got a little rougher.. H threw up before we even got out of London. We had over three and a half more hours of driving left before we got to York. The drive itself was fine.. but when we were just about twenty minutes away from the hotel D threw up! Thankfully he was able to alert us beforehand and we were able to stop and he was able to get out of the car. Phew. We suspect it was the dinner form the night before. York is a walled city in northeast England that was founded by the anci

Four Days in London

Spoiler - It's going to be a long one. This summer we set off on another adventure.. first stop was the great city of London. Since our 2018 spring trip to Morocco  we have started to take red eye flights.. this way we can start our explorations bright and early and call it an early night. M and I don't really get much quality sleep but we power through.. the important thing is that the kids get their zz's. We stayed at The Blandford Hotel in the Marylebone area and were just a few minutes away from the Baker Street Metro Station. The hotel was perfectly located.. the room was a little on the small side but everything was clean, the staff so nice and included a free breakfast. DAY 1: We were ready to start the day around noon. We began with a quick lunch at Chik'n and then headed to Buckingham Palace.       We didn't go inside.. and it was nothing really special from the outside. We missed the changing of the guard but the two guards did march around. T