Winter Break

December is a busy month.. so many activities, an upcoming vacation to somewhere warm. My parents are flying in at the end of the week for the holidays. I don't think I'll be posting this month. I wanted to wish you all a very happy holiday and a very happy new year from my family to yours.

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lately - Thanksgiving Edition

Happy December everyone.. yup we say it every year and so I'll say it again.. how is it December already?? Seriously!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving.. it was very nontraditional.. there was no turkey or pie but there was a lot of fun.

We started off Wednesday with a Rangers vs Hurricanes hockey game. M gets these amazing club seat tickets from work every year and we all look forward to going every year. And the fact that the Rangers won 3-2 was just the icing on the cake. We arrived in the city a few hours in advance and wandered around for a bit.. and spotted this big fella in a store.

On Thanksgiving Day we headed to Staten Island to the Lantern Festival.. we had been to one before  many years ago in Montreal when D was little. It was absolutely beautiful.. 

On Friday we had tickets to see Sponge Bob the Musical at the NJ State Theater. But before the show we stopped at our favorite hot dog place, Destination Dogs.

I had the Bangkok Dog and M had the Alderaan Dog which I did not know was a fictional Star Wars planet. So so good.. then off to the show!

The show was fantastic.. we are not a Sponge Bob family.. I have always dissuaded the boys from watching it. But the musical was incredibly colorful and creative. We all enjoyed it. If it comes to a theater near you I'd highly recommend checking it out! 

The weekend was less intense.. H came down with a fever, D went to a birthday party and M and I ran some errands.. 

And here we are back at Monday with me counting down the days to winter break.
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