Happy Weekend


Wishing everyone in the state a wonderfully long sun filled happy Memorial Day Weekend.. to everyone else.. the same minus the long part :)

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D and His New Room

With every passing window a new frame is hung and another shelf finds a place on our walls.. The process of decorating is definitely more fun than the renovation part.. though not so sure if M would agree since he is the one with the hammer.

We started with the master bath and the master bedroom and you can take a click here to get a peak at all the renovating we have already done.

We started with this.. though I of course waited too long.. forgot to do my blogger duty of taking good before pictures.. and by the time I got around to taking the pictures we were at a point in our renovations where we were all sleeping in his room..

Nonetheless this was no cute, fun child room

The room was painted a light barely there purple.. It is his current favorite color and since we don't intend to paint the room a different color every time he picks a new favorite we picked something light, Behrs Permafrost. 

The gross old carpet was removed.. the floors sanded and stained English Chestnut.

A cute purple chevron rug and his old Ikea Kura bed. A map on the wall for my world traveler to mark is adventures.

We choose roman shades for the windows and Ikea spice racks to hold his books. I used a little washi tape to add some color.

Our old chest of drawers went to his room.. and I added some Duck tape to add a little color.

A few cute quotes on the wall to finish the room.. I have one little project still in the works otherwise I am done.. the room feels so much lighter and brighter.. just what a kids room should feel like.

I found these amazing free printables here and here
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Friday Photography

Hope - This was a photograph I took with my brother in a bathroom, a box of matches and the hope of a lit flame. Me with my camera waiting for the perfect shot. 

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Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests.

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Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all my mommy readers.

We didn't exactly celebrate Mother's Day this year.. instead we had some friends over for lunch. The kids played and we ate and talked..

While going through so old posts I stumbled upon sweet ones about the boys and I thought I'd do a down memory lane of sorts.. So many of these posts I didn't remember and it may be a good thing because for posts sake they weren't always the best.. this little blog has come a long way.. 

When D was born I had skipped the pregnancy announcement, the birth announcement, the precious first picture.. seriously? Introducing D and then I followed up with a random check in 122 Days and Counting 

With the birth of H, D feels the need to hug more 100 Hugs but also learn with the help of books.. actually a book in particular I Love You Stinky Face that he is loved unconditionally.

Don't really remember what we did to mark the last few mother's days.. not that it would make a difference.. at the end of the day we are after all mother's which means they are bound to still wake you up early, fight with each other, listen to nothing you say and complain about everything.. yet you still want to cuddle and snuggle with them, hug them and kiss them and love them forever.

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