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The Favorite List #2

My last few posts have been a bit too wordy.. something I try to never do but there is just too much going on right now and when I get to typing I can't seem to stop. Contrary to my last post..I did not go home. I am still in the Garden State and have been to the airport twice only to have spent hours there with D and then being told that your flight will not be leaving today afterall. Finally we decided to give up our seat and just book a new flight. So now, fingers crossed hopefully I will leave Sunday morning. To make me feel a bit better about how things turned out I thought what better way than to share with you some of my favorite things! When you have a baby you want to buy every cute thing you see and surprise surprise the baby isn't impressed. He is more interested in his own fingers then anything we have bought him..and when he gets tired of those he attacks our fingers. But that doesn't mean I don't look at every toy, stuffed animal, cute outfit and imagine

The Favorite List #1

There is so much gorgeousness available on Etsy.. some of which I wish I could pull off but can't or my home just isn't there yet but will maybe have room for it in some future home and then of course there is the stuff that I simply can not afford. But I can drool.. and heart.. and share The jewelry list could literally go on forever but I am going to narrow it down to maybe 2 posts.. XauXau     Lunaticart Minty Fresh Fusions Mystic Fibers DMDMetal Ulala Esdesigns Kathiroussel LuluBug Jewelry                    Etsy             Instagram             Twitter             Bloglovin   

Introducing the Newborn Mat by zCush

Two of my friends have developed a new product that I’d like to share with all of you. As a new mother myself I found it to be essential in the first few months of having a newborn baby in the house. In the words of the women behind zCush themselves: ‘What makes our product unique is that it allows you to hold a newborn with more support because the mat is firm, but it’s also soft so it’s comfortable. Also, it’s a great way for older siblings to bond with their new brother/sister because they can hold them easily and the parents don’t have to worry about the newborn’s neck or back.’ The mats come in two varieties, the cotton ones have animals embroidered on top; the animals are of a very soft towel material. There are three animal choices Pink lamb cotton cover: Cotton Candy Yellow duck cotton cover: Dainty Duckling Blue bear cotton cover: Plushy Paws And the mats without the animals are: White chenille cover: Whimsical White Blue chenille cover: Silky Sky Pink chenille cover: