The Favorite List #2

My last few posts have been a bit too wordy.. something I try to never do but there is just too much going on right now and when I get to typing I can't seem to stop. Contrary to my last post..I did not go home. I am still in the Garden State and have been to the airport twice only to have spent hours there with D and then being told that your flight will not be leaving today afterall. Finally we decided to give up our seat and just book a new flight. So now, fingers crossed hopefully I will leave Sunday morning. To make me feel a bit better about how things turned out I thought what better way than to share with you some of my favorite things!

When you have a baby you want to buy every cute thing you see and surprise surprise the baby isn't impressed. He is more interested in his own fingers then anything we have bought him..and when he gets tired of those he attacks our fingers. But that doesn't mean I don't look at every toy, stuffed animal, cute outfit and imagine him in it or playing with it. Here are some of my favorite things for D

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Going Home

It has been just a few days short of 3 years when I left home.. and when I say home I refer to not only my parents home but I also think about how I left behind friends of 14 years, family and a country. In these three years I have missed weddings and babys.. and most of all my family and friends have missed the birth of my baby.. though my father visited shortly when his brother passed away and my brother was here when D was born mostly I miss my mother... but now after three long years I am going home.. with D in tow. I will be there for a little over a month.. attending my sister in laws wedding in the meantime.. M can't get more than a week off so he will join us just for the wedding.. which sucks because by the time his jet lag will wear off it will be time to leave.. and he will be exhausted beyond belief just in time to go back to work, where it'll be the busiest next few months and will only get to slow down once april hits. : (

I am extremely excited.. excited to see everyone again but ever more for everyone to meet D.. who will be travelling with me on a plane alone! Alone I tell you! 18 hours in the air! Can you sense my fear..? Anyone travel with a 6month old before.. any tips? And my kids is not one of those calm ones that likes to just chill in his baby cot.. and will "I'm sure just sleep through the whole trip, they love that noise the airplane makes" as someone told me like I was insane.. plus now with the current snow storm in progress along the east coast my tomorrow morning flight is now an afternoon flight. Meaning now I will miss my connecting flight in Dubai since I will be reaching there around the time I should have been reaching Karachi. So now I have a 5 hour layover and getting home at night instead of the afternoon. And this is all tentative. The storm is just getting started.

Also I've never been apart from M for this long.. actually I don't think I've ever been apart from M more than like a day since the day we got married.. which too was 3 years ago : ) But on the other hand.. I am going home..

Hope you all have a Happy Holiday and have a Happy New Year everyone.. hope you are all surrounded by your loved ones.. Enjoy!


Sleep Associations: What Happened?

Last week I had written about sleep associations and how M and I were on a mission to break D's sleep association with me. So on Wednesday, instead of Friday like planned we fed D and then put a still awake put sleep D in his crib. And the crying insued. Minutes passed and I couldn't take it anymore so I hopped into the shower to drown out my baby's cries. 35 minutes later D was sound asleep. I had expected it to take longer so we were pleased with the results and that night he woke up only twice. Finally a night of sleep. We continued the cry it out method for the following nights.. with one change. I would first feed D then read him a book before putting him to bed.

And so the next night he cried for 15 minutes.. and then 5 minutes and then no crying at all.. and then today 20 minutes.. but it works.. It really truly does work. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that it would work.

So yay! Now another hurdle.. I leave the country next week for 6 weeks.. with an 11hr time difference. So comes the question of how to deal with a jet lagged baby? Will all our sleep association training go out the window? M won't be travelling with me and I doubt I'll be able to let him cry it out at grandma's house. So will we have to restart again when I come back? That is a problem for another day.. for now I will enjoy getting an almost full nights sleep.. and a few hours at night where M and I can just relax before we go to bed.. no rocking involved.

Sweet dreams everyone.. and incase I don't blog in the next couple of days Happy Holidays!


Sleep Associations

D turns 6 months next week and has grown so much and learnt so many new things. But M and I are facing some sleep issues and we feel if we don't fix them now it may get all the more difficult once D starts sitting and crawling and basically more mobile.

D's basic nighttime routine consists of feeding to sleep or rocking/swaying/bouncing to sleep. He has always been a high maintenance baby but the feeding/rocking never bothered us before. It did not take up too much time. M would take him to his room and start the rocking and was done by the time dinner was on the table.. but now the once simple process taking minutes takes an hour and some time, more often then not the moment D's head touch the mattress of his crib he is awake and crying.. but once picked up he would fall back asleep within seconds. We would often have to do the put him down pick him up routine 4-5 times just to get him to sleep. And while we have heard that a 6 month old should at max wake up only once or twice during the night he was now making about a minimum of 4-6 times.

We were both tired and frustrated and ended up taking it out on each other. And so began the research of how to put our baby to sleep in a more efficient manner. Now from all the information we have gathered we have come to learn that it is all about sleep associations. D has associated sleep with me, feeding and rocking. We need to break this association and create a new one, one that does not involve M or I. Meaning introducing a blankie or a stuffed animal I assume. So how do we go about breaking this association?

There is of course the most popular 'Let him cry it out' solution which I find just too hard to do. I have forewarned M that D isn't going to be the only one crying that night. But we are parents now and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.. But then again I have seen my son's lung capacity and I have a feeling he has no problem crying out the best of us.
Then there is a more gentle and slower method where you eliminate one association at a time. Stop the feeding to sleep and just rock, then slowly eliminate the rocking until and replace it with you association of choice but that all seems a bit vague to me. I want a step by step guide..which I know I know does not exist..so what do we do! I did read somewhere to introduce this so association prop.. lets say blankie to your feeding sessions. Something he can hold on to while he feeds and slowly just eliminate the feedings and so on so forth.

Whatever method we decide to try it's all going down over the weekend.. the key is consistency.. so we'll start Friday night.. wish us luck and chime in if you have an words of wisdom or tips to share.. i'll let you know how we fared next week..


The Favorite List #1

There is so much gorgeousness available on Etsy.. some of which I wish I could pull off but can't or my home just isn't there yet but will maybe have room for it in some future home and then of course there is the stuff that I simply can not afford. But I can drool.. and heart.. and share

The jewelry list could literally go on forever but I am going to narrow it down to maybe 2 posts..


LuluBug Jewelry

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Introducing the Newborn Mat by zCush

Two of my friends have developed a new product that I’d like to share with all of you. As a new mother myself I found it to be essential in the first few months of having a newborn baby in the house. In the words of the women behind zCush themselves:
‘What makes our product unique is that it allows you to hold a newborn with more support because the mat is firm, but it’s also soft so it’s comfortable. Also, it’s a great way for older siblings to bond with their new brother/sister because they can hold them easily and the parents don’t have to worry about the newborn’s neck or back.’

The mats come in two varieties, the cotton ones have animals embroidered on top; the animals are of a very soft towel material.
There are three animal choices
Pink lamb cotton cover: Cotton Candy
Yellow duck cotton cover: Dainty Duckling
Blue bear cotton cover: Plushy Paws

And the mats without the animals are:
White chenille cover: Whimsical White
Blue chenille cover: Silky Sky
Pink chenille cover: Rosy Ruffles

To learn more or buy one of these wonderful mats for yourself or a friend you can visit their website: http://www.zcush.com/
Follow them on twitter: http://twitter.com/zcush
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