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On a lucky streak

I have been on one awesome lucky streak. Just last week I managed to kill several threadkillers over at Etsy and now one by one my wonderful winnings are arriving in the mail. And I couldn't be more thrilled. So far I have received two gorgeous pairs of earrings. The first from the wonderful IHeartHandmadeGoods And another from the equally wonderful TwilightVisions And when I thought this week couldn't get any better I just made a huge sale. I sold the photograph Saved! as a large 16x24 print, both matted and framed to the amazing fellow Etsian Linda of AdultIndulgences Wishing you all a great week and an even greater weekend. For those of you on the east coast..we are finally going to have some sun and warmth so enjoy!

And the bad news just keeps on coming.. with some good mixed in

So it all started a few months ago when my mother's visa gets denied and she can no longer come visit me when the baby arrives. Then I get gestational diabetes (which I learned I have a very borderline case and should not be too much of a very) nevertheless I have to prick myself and test my blood sugar levels 4 times a day. And then last night we find out that my in-laws also got denied visa's. But then again every dark cloud has a silver linning.. and so does mine. All this time I was sad for being far from home and no one being able to come to be with me and share with me this amazing experiance. All this time I missed not being surrounded by my family, my girlfriends, the girls I grew up with. But what I failed to see was the new friends I have made over the last two years. I also discovered that my dear husband will never fail to surprise me. My secret desire was to have a baby shower, but I wan't going to say it out load, it defeats the purpose. And thank god I didn

The not so good news

Had a doctor's appointment today, was going to find out if I passed my glucose test or not.. well drum roll please... I Failed! Did not expect that. I am not over weight, I have not gained to much baby weight, have no family history of diabetes etc.. so I was shocked. Now I have to follow a diet plan and no sweets! That is going to be so hard.. sweets are my achilles heel and I was quite anti sweets early in my pregnancy and even that struck me as odd.. also have to cut back on my fruit intake.. I love fruit! The next few months are not going to be easy.. but what scares me more is that fact that I have a greater chance of having gestational diabetes in any other pregnancies I may have as well as the chance of becoming diabetic 5-10 years down the line. Not stressing out.. I will not stress out.. deep breaths.. hehe hoho.. In better news.. the nursery has been painted..and it looks wonderful.. can't wait to start getting in some furniture and cute baby accessories. Also hav

Poked and Prodded

As you all know I flunked my first glucose test by a mere point. Turns out I should have fasted, which I did not because no one told me.. alos turns out that i'm not the first person to make that mistake. My husband's co-worker was not told either but based on my experiance she will. Oh well what is done is done, yesterday I went in for my 3 hour test. And it was no fun.. I returned with a sore arm, so sore I could barely do anything.. hubby became my su chef and loaded the dishes for me and had to even help me undress and dress. Comparatively better today but still in pain. Hopefully when I go to see my Dr. next week she will give me good news and tell me that I passed the test. Now in better news, we finally bought paint for our baby to be's nursery 'Lemon Pound Cake' haven't painted the room yet but I'm sure it'll look just as yummy as it sounds. We also couldn't help ourselves and bought the cutest most tiniest towel robe, some cute bibs and t

Giveaway Win!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a giveaway.. my prize a lovely brown and green handmade wallet from RobinsFlight . It arrived packaged in sparkly tissue and with a lovely hand written card. The wallet is very well made. I suggest you all stop by Robin's wonderful shop to see all the goodies she has to offer. In other news.. I flunked my glucose test by one point.. yes you read write.. one point! So I have to go back on Wednesday, this time for a three hour test and I can't eat anything after midnight.. basically I go in starving and they give me a sweet sugary drink and then I sit there. Bored. And then they take some blood after every hour.. meaning three times! Passing this is really important so say a little prayer for me everyone. That's it for now.. will be back in a few days with some new photography.. Till then enjoying the wonderful spring days.