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Rain and Gloom

Never been this happy about the beginning of Monday.. really.. yesterday had just been about counting down the hours till the day would finally end. Hubby has been working long hours.. even if it is from home so weekends hardly seem like weekends but that wasn't it. March is like that every year, yesterday was different, I woke up with a sadness and tears. The sadness then became paranoia. I was convinced the baby wasn't kicking enough so I kept having M (hubby) press his ear against my stomach to make sure he could hear a heart beat. And so went on the never ending Sunday. The days leading up to that Sunday were all in all pretty nice. Sure M was still busy with work but I made a sale Chug a chug chug wohoo! I was also participating in a blog giveaway where Gail Cormier won a 4x6 photograph of mine. She chose Just a dash of pink And lucky me but I too turned out to be a winner in the giveaway. I won a wallet courtesy of RobinsFlight which I will post more about as soo

The sun is here.. or so i thought

We had three wonderful days of sun and warmth and then just like that the clouds came rolling in and rain came pouring down. Hubby is having a crazy month at work.. so he comes home late which I hate but only a few more days left.. The weekend was pretty much a blur so on Sunday afternoon I decided to go into the city and meet him after work.. but with train problems making it the longest train ride ever! Afternoon became evening and the sun disappeared and a chilly wind picked up.. what was supposed to be an afternoon spent in central park turned out to be snuggling together as we walked to the wonderful Chilly Thai. It is a narrow hallway sized resturaunt serving delish thai food.. And here we are in the middle of another week just waiting for the weekend again. As for today, I had a glucose test where you drink this sweet drink and sit there for an hour afterwhich they draw blood.. hope it comes back negative.. if not I have to go in again and this time sit there for 3 hours. Not

Torrential Rains and some more work

Whoa what a week it has been, I can't even remember as far back as Monday. The week just seemed to drag on forever and now it's Sunday.. Sunday! No! Where di the weekend go.. and i know we think that every weekend.. but this one especially just flew by..and not a single fun thing happened.. I do remember laughing alot this weekend.. why? No reason.. but then I like to laugh anyway.. so nothing new really.. except of course for all the rain. The torrential rains, trees fell, people experianced blackouts (thank God we were not one of those people) and the wind howled all night. We all lost an hour of our day, 'one less hour of weekend' as a friend put it. I also learned a little something from hubby dearest.. i learned about ICE - In Case of Emergency, the letters you put infront of the name of the person who is your ICE in your mobile phone. So now my husband has the word ice before his name and everytime he calls I am thrown by the word. It even makes me smile. Weird,

My new monster Joey the Alien

I have been having the luckiest week.. winning more than a few giveaways and threadkillers. Yippee.. so I'm expecting many little surprises in the mail over the next few days. The first one just arrived the other day and he has been an absolute delight. I know you're wondering about the 'he,' well he is Joey, an adorable little red alien courtesy of EmmysBoosAndRawrs Here he is just hanging out at his new home. We're still getting his room together though and his little friend is still months from arriving, so life at my place may seem a little slow right now. But before he knows it time will fly by and he won't have a moment to spare with all the fun he'll be having with his new friend. Till then we'll just relax! I just want to thank Emmy for the wonderful Joey. Pictures don't do him justice, he is cuter that I had ever imagined and he's part of the family now.