Years of Halloween Past

I have probably put in the least amount of work and effort into this years Halloween. I'm just not feeling it. But it did get me reminiscing some of our past Halloweens.

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween full of candy and treats :)

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Friday Photography

See You on the Other Side - Inside the intriguing Howe Caverns, in Upstate New York. A sepia toned photograph of the narrow winding caves. To read more about our trip click here

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Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests.

I am open to wholesale and licensing opportunities. Get in touch for more information.

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A Day in the New York Botanical Gardens

The New York Botanical Gardens was hosting a Chihuly exhibition this summer and I had so hoped to be able to go check it out.. but before I knew it summer had slipped through our fingers. So when I got an email telling me that the exhibition was going to to be there till the end of October I made sure we got to go check it out before then.

When we went for hajj we made some new friends with another couple from New Jersey and thought we'd invite them along.. get our kids to bond, their daughter brought along some of her friends and you know what they say.. the more the merrier. And since we were going in October there were pumpkins everywhere!!

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Pittsburgh Boutique Giveaway

Recently I stumbled across a lovely Pittsburgh boutique The Picket Fence and thought I'd share it with you.. you can get in some early holiday shopping or treat yourself.

 How cute is this Birthday Boy T-shirt and cape set!

With the weather we've been having we all need to pull out of rain gear.. and I am loving this yellow and red firetruck rain coat.

There is just something about tulle that brings out the girly girl in me..

OMG.. so cute!

This pretty dress makes me want to go back to summer..

But then I see this and I say farwell to summer.. bring it on fall.

This cake plate and fork set is so pretty.. how about start a new tradition.. a plate for the birthday boy or girl.. to make that moment and that piece of cake all the more special.

Which is your favorite?

I am giving away a $50 OFF code to go on your very on shopping spree at The Picket Fence. All you have to do is enter below!

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Friday Photography

Scribbled Art - It was the juxtaposition that caught my eye, the graffiti wall and the old fashioned lamp post. The bright blues and oranges contrasting the stark blackness of the light. This photograph was taken in Amsterdam.

You can buy this print here. Get Free Shipping with code BLOGGER

Prints also available in larger sizes. Contact for more information and special requests.

I am open to wholesale and licensing opportunities. Get in touch for more information.
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The Summer of '17

Knowing that we weren't going to get to spend the summer with the boys this year.. we tried to do as much as we could with them before we left.       

One of M's colleagues took us out on his boat :)  

Enjoyed some 59c pancakes :)

Tried to use our imagination.

Played a lot of Battleship.. a lot! 

Tried to rollerskate

Visited the High Line Park.. one of my favorite places in the city

Went biking.. D managed to go 4 miles.. we were very impressed.

A baby visited. My brother's son.. it was great to see the boys bond.

and then the grandparents arrived. They did a wonderful job taking
 care of the kids while we were gone. For which we are very thankful.
In fact I think the boys were a little disappointed to see us return and them go.

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We're Back!

Hello everyone! We are back from our trip.. we got back a few weeks ago and have been recovering from the journey and playing catch up with all the things we had left behind. It was an exhausting journey but spiritually enlightening.. I wish I could share more but in all honesty I wouldn't even know where to begin.

The last few days I had been thinking about what I should write about in my first post back.. and while my initial intent was of course to keep it lighthearted unfortunately we don't live in a lighthearted world anymore. I'm not going to start talking politics but I do want to share two little stories.

While we were away my parents took the boys to Target. The lady at checkout was of Indian descent and when she noticed my family being of a similar background she spoke to my mother in her mother tongue asking my mother where she was from. What could have been a friendly exchange quickly turned into something ugly when the white lady behind my mom started to raise her voice at the Target employee, she yelled at her to speak in English and then of course the cliched 'Go back to your own country!' My parents not wanting to create a spectacle with the boys in tow stayed quiet and left. I feel anger, outraged in fact. How about that woman go back to her country? She can't claim.. no one can claim that America is their's except for the Native American. Everyone, everyone came from somewhere else.. England, Ireland, China, India, Mexico.. it is.. or at least was our diversity, our acceptance of others that made us so special, it made us The Land of Dreams.

A few days after I came back my 7 year old asked me a question.. my 7 year old needed confirmation.. he asked me 'Mummy I am American right?' 'HELL YES!' and how dare someone imply otherwise.

Another instance:
Just last week M and I along with the boys stopped to get gas. The white gas attendant asked my husband where he was from. 'Here' my husband answered. The simple question.. 'Where are you from?' is no longer simple.. for us colored folk it's a scary question. The man continued to push.. 'but which country are you from?' 'America' was our answer. 'I'm a citizen' my husband felt the need to add, we were starting to get uncomfortable.. but the man didn't seem to notice or care. He continued, 'Are you Muslim?' to which my husband responded 'Yes.' The gas attendant simply replied 'assalamualaikum' which is an Islamic greeting meaning 'peace be with you' and we sighed in relief.

The simple exchange should not have been so frightening.. it turned out to be harmless but it has stuck with me. I just can't shake it. So I am sharing it with you..

Next week I promise to go back to being a fun happy blog. Hope you all had a great summer.. are you ready for the fall? I sure am.

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