The year has just begun and I feel like it's already passing by in a blur. Early in the month H had his birthday party.. we had requested no boxed gifts, thankfully most people complied and with those gift cards we got H a gift we thought he'd love.. and he did love it.. for about a week!

and then one Saturday morning he asked me to sell it. They have understood the fact that mommy likes to sell the things no one is using and or things we do not need.. and so now he quite often asks me to sell his broken toys, used crayons and so on so forth. After double and triple checking with him M packed it up and off it went to another child's house who will hopefully love and play with it for longer than a few days.

What H does love are his Lego's and Magformers. 

What we have here is a Booger Cleaner.. it's for the kids who like to eat their boogers.. when the stomach becomes full of boogers you put this in your mouth and it'll suck out all the boogers! Ew. 

We also just recently discovered these brick tapes.. you can stick them anywhere and build on them. And they remove easily without peeling paint or leaving behind residue. I even find myself playing with them.

Towards the middle of January my in laws arrived and the boys were ecstatic.. by the end of this month they will be gone again.. off to visit their daughter and her kiddo's. While they are here we hosted two events at our home.. both of a religious nature.. so while not exactly fun but they did require a lot of preparation, cooking, cleaning and the god awful job of getting people to RSVP. I used Paperless Post to send out the invites and it made tracking RSVP's so very easy but I still had to remind most people more than two times via email and then once via text and some even got a phone call asking them to please for the love of God RSVP!!! aRGH. I am so over hosting for the next few months.. 

D has been complaining about not being able to see things from afar so we scheduled an eye appointment. Thankfully everything checked out. But the doctor did warn that if he is not careful he will most likely end up with glasses sooner rather than later, especially considering the fact that both M and I have had glasses. Thank God for Lasik!

February is a big month for us.. M and I both celebrate our birthday.. back to back, only a day apart. Our birthdays came and went by in a blur last week. M was working from home but he was so busy. I bought myself a cake, ate at home and by the end of the day almost forgot it was our birthday. Don't worry.. it's not all depressing.. we have some plans of a belated celebration.. :D The last two years we have been going away.. even if it's somewhere local.. even if it's just a day.. but we go somewhere. Last year we went to Vegas.. part 1 and part 2. The year before we stayed local. This year we'll be staying local again but we are excited and counting down the days! 

We did manage to sneak out with some friends on Friday night.. it wasn't supposed to be a birthday dinner.. just a catch up but someone tipped them off that it had been my birthday a few days earlier.. though conveniently forgot to mention that he had one too.. so I got all the attention!

Sometimes the gray winter days and the craziness of life make me feel a little blue. What do you do when you find yourself feeling blue.. me? I like to plan a vacation. Looking at wanderlust pictures isn't enough.. I need to actually plan it.. it gives me something to look forward too

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  1. Yes it's crazy how quickly this new year is flying by already!

  2. How fun to have your birthdays close together. But even more fun to be the only one who gets to celebrate! Ha. I'm sure he didn't mind, because he loves you so much. The booger cleaner is quite ingenious. I think I need one of those at my house. I don't want to disappoint, but boogers are still a feature even with my kids being bigger now!

  3. My oldest just got the lego brick tape for Christmas and has been absolutely loving it as well. It is such a great way to encourage creativity. Can't wait to see where you plan a vacation to! I am so over winter at this point, and can not wait for some warmer weather.

  4. Crazy how the year is flying by. Great post.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  5. Belated Happy Bday, Hena:) My eldest is celebrating his next week. And LOLZ on the Booger Cleaner:D

  6. So cute! Those tapes are a cool idea!


  7. Happy belated birthday! Your son is so sweet. Both on mine have glasses. I need to show that brick tape to my younger son. He loves Legos!

  8. Glad they made you celebrate your birthday at the restaurant!

  9. The Booger Cleaner is awesome, ha ha. Happy Belated Birthday :)

  10. Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you both!!!!!
    And I agree.
    This year is just flying by so quickly...
    Have a cozy evening!

  11. Happy birthday to the two of you! I look forward to hearing about the local get away, and the bigger trip you're planning. You guys always have such wonderful vacations!

  12. LOL @ the booger cleaner! Perhaps he could get a patent for this contraption? No?

    Happy Belated Birthday to you two!

  13. Sounds like you all have been busy! Good that your son understands that toys that are used can be passed on though sad he didn't end up liking his gift.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. The beginning of February has really gone by so quickly- it's crazy!

    And I'm so glad D's eye test checked out- and lol at that booger cleaner.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  15. My son used to love legos!! This month is flying by and it's already a short month. My son just got glasses last May! I would love to have Lasik done eventually. I am just a little scared to go for it!


  16. What a lovely roundup of news. Happy Birthday to you and your husband! I am thinking that we also need a booger cleaner - a must for every family. I understand your frustration with RSVP's. We now use WhatsApp if we have a phone number, otherwise for kids stuff, we use little paper invites. I am not sure why I bother, more often than not there is no reply and it is impossible to judge who will turn up on the day. I think people hold off to the last minute at the off chance something more exiting comes up. I know, cynical. I love planning a holiday. We have booked a cottage in Denmark for July and I am really exited. xx

  17. Awe all of those toys look so fun, I love it

  18. happy birthday to you both!! I love the idea of lego tape, and that it doesn't damage surfaces too.

  19. sounds like you've been kept busy lately! and how clever of the kids to give away their toys that aren't being used (i still can't part with most of my things, haha!) xx

  20. oh, tool sets and legos and transformers and work benches.

    ah, such fun!


  21. Happy Birthday! Those legos look super fun! I think exercising more helps winter those blues.

  22. The brick tape sounds like a fun idea for kids, it must be so much fun choosing toys for your son to play with - and seeing how his taste changes over time! :) x

  23. I am the same with vacations. Looking at photos is well and good, but actually planning something makes things feel more real (even if you don't end up going hahah!). I love that your kids have got that sell mentality. Even though they probably don't understand it fully just yet, they'll definitely grow up with a more healthier respect for material possessions, as well as be much less wasteful. I know too many kiddies with countless toys (both broken and new) that sit there idle for months while they continuously get more new ones. I didn't grow up with many toys and while I wouldn't impart that on another child I do think we need to teach them the value of "things" more and more these days since our problem with wastage is going to be a massive issue for them in the future.


  24. happy belated birthday! It's good your kid can flag when he's had enough with toys, I have the hardest time trying to make my boys see that we can't keep using broken toys, haha!

    Hope you had a great weekend. The heatwave continued here unfortunately, so it was another fairly quiet and aircon filled weekend for us!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  25. Your little boy is such a cutie! Happy belated birthday too hunny xx

  26. Such cuties! The booger cleaner made me laugh.

  27. Oh my best wishes to you in this new year darling

  28. "What we have here is a Booger Cleaner.. it's for the kids who like to eat their boogers.. when the stomach becomes full of boogers you put this in your mouth and it'll suck out all the boogers! Ew." LOL! *hearts*


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