Perfect Indoor Houseplants for a Brown Thumb

I have been killing plants pretty easily for a good ten years now. Our first house plant was a peace lily. The lady at Home Depot told us it was unkillable. And boom.. we went on a two week vacation.. I had placed the plant pot in a shallow dish of water as the internet had suggest and it was dead when we arrived. We sorta revived parts of it but it never flowered again. And we do or did travel a lot so I can't have plants that require a strict watering schedule. 

I killed our mint plant which again I read was unkillable.. in fact its weed like ability makes it spread if planted in a garden. Dead. We also tried growing cilantro and strawberries without much success. 

So I was very hesitant about buying another house plant.. but I wanted them because they give warmth to your home and clean the air as well.

So when we bought a plant a couple of years ago I made sure it did not need much water or sun. After some googling we decided to purchase a snake plant. It was small when we bought it.. now three containers later.. it has grown so wonderfully tall. 

After it survived a year without incident we invested in another plant. We selected a croton for the hints of  orange and red in its leaves. But this baby struggled a lot in the beginning. It kept dropping leaves. It got bugs in it. It was not good. The turning point was when we got a self watering planter like this. We have had this plant for almost two years now and it is finally looking healthy. 

During early Covid I decided to get another plant. This time we bought a pothos. Since there was not a lot of leaving the house happening I ordered the plant from Walmart and just hoped it would arrive alive. It did. In fact it was such a nice size we were able to immediately split it..  a year later we have five pothos' living in our home. Above is the original. Below are the offshoots. There is Aslan in the powder room, the boys each have one in their rooms and the small tea cup on the bookshelves in M's office

Seeing them sprout new leaves gives me such contentment.. 

Last year we were gifted an orchid. Ooh now this is a plant I fear. I have heard how high maintenance these beauties can be. I was not ready for the commitment.. yet I gave it two ice cube a week and watched the pretty fuchsia flowers with a smile. Well the flowers are gone now and in accordance to the high and mighty internet I sniped off the stem and pruned the dead leaves. I continue to give it two ice cubes a week and to my joy I see a new leaf sprouting. 

And our final plant is just a few weeks old.. my MIL's friend gifted it to us. It is a pink polka dot plant! How pretty is that? Now I am on the search for a planter. I am not seeing a lot of them in stores.. they are more of a spring/summer product aren't they. Or I may buy a cheap one and paint it in some bright cheery colors myself.  

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Jennifer said…
I really need to get a snake plant!

Curated By Jennifer
Marie Smith said…
Your first sentence made me laugh. My husband is the caretaker of the houseplants here. He does a great job. I kill them with kindness. I do well with the vegetable patch though.
I think you've got a green thumb after all!
Kelly said…
Your opening sentence is priceless! (and I can relate) I was just reading about how well certain plants work in a bathroom (a place often with little natural light and plenty of humidity) and one of the plants they recommended was that snake plant. I think you've inspired me!
I can never get enough plants in my house. Yours are amazing! I love the new sprout in the tea cup. So cute!
Christine said…
I think your thumb is turning green!
I struggle with house plants too. A lot. I love the ones that you have encouraged to survive and thrive in your home.
Angie's Recipes said…
You have some really nice house plants! I like snake plants.
BLovedBoston said…
We had a plant that we kept alive for about 4 years but then when our daughter came we got rid of it, now if its a big plant, it will be fake!
Cindy said…
I am not one for having plants in the house either. For me, it is just something else to take care of and it can't tell me to water it, LOL! They are beautiful but I would not remember! I love all of yours. I am glad they are thriving under your care, I think you are better than you give yourself credit for!
Janie Junebug said…
Your plants are pretty. I'm a plant killer, too. I started the spring with three new houseplants. Two were dead by summer. One has thrived.

bread&salt said…
Your house plants look great! Couple of times i have tried Snake plant but result was failure. I really dont know why? Now i am trying lemon plant. Hope get a good result. Have a nice day.
There is a certain sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with being able to successfully grow plants. I got into herb gardening during the pandemic and I love it. My husband still takes care of our money tree though.
I'm taking notes on these plants because I kill every plant I buy too. I had pretty much given up on the idea of having any in my home, but your post gives me hope. :)
Ginny Hartzler said…
I love this post; it is just what I needed. I have been aquiring houseplants, but want the easier ones. I have dracena and Chinese Evergreen, plus pixie arrowhead and some succulents. I may try this polka dot plant, let us know how it is doing from time to time!
Veronica Lee said…
We bought two snake plants and both died! I recently brought one pot back from my childhood home that is languishing and hope to revive it. It's so precious to me as it was my mom's favourite plant - she is now in a nursing home.

Wish me luck.
Liz A. said…
I managed to kill a cactus. I have not attempted plants since.
I've got quite a green thumb when it comes to gardening, but I think it's only working outside, as I'm absolutely terrible with houseplants! I think I even managed to kill off one of those snake plants which, believe it or not, are called women's tongues here ;-)
Nevertheless, your tips are useful, as I definitely want to give houseplants another try! xxx
I'm not good with indoor plants. Recently, my husband bought me an orchid. I've killed many of them, before. But I'm strictly following the directions of 1/2 C of water each week. It's survived a month, so far. We'll see! Your plants looks beautifully healthy!
Red Rose Alley said…
Very nice house plants. I've never had a green thumb, so no indoor plants for me. But I do like to garden outside. I like the blue pot, and that lion with the crown is something else!

You have so many pretty plants! I have some luck with them ..especially pothos (except when I put it outside in the summer!). It has come back to life. I love polka dot plants. So cute!
Jeanie said…
I laughed all through this. I kill houseplants, too. I am terrified something will happen to the little jade plant that I got at Keith's memorial. Outside, I do OK (somehow,they manage better with benign neglect outdoors) but inside -- nope. Bad light, for one thing. So, it's only PARTLY my fault! Big smiles -- you are doing GREAT!
Margot said…
Such a great collection of plants.
You make me want to invest in those. They can definitely make a difference in a house.
awhite said…
I have all these plants in my house, too! They are awesome + easy to care for. And so beautiful! I love adding some green to my space.

Le Stylo Rouge
I am better with outdoor plants, but I'd love to get a couple plants for inside our house. We have a rag doll cat and she tries to eat the fake leaves off our silk plants (we have to spray them with bitter apple), so I'd have to make sure the plants weren't poisonous. I don't know if she'd eat a real plant or not! Lol! Yours look beautiful!

Debbie said…
i was sure you had a brown thumb if you were able to kill mint BUT reading on, i think you have turned things around. your plants are really beautiful!! i only have a few house plants and i care for my orchid in the same way you do, except, i use 3 ice cubes.

and you are right, if you travel a bit, having house plants can be tricky!!!
Kathy Leonia said…
i love plants:) they give us oxygen:) sound just like us. We killed the mint too many years ago.
We would love to have plants in our house but our one kitty eats them, and many can be toxic to cats. So we kinda gave up...maybe when she passes on, we will try again.
Lovely said…
Your plants looks great! Love that blue planter of yours and the Aslan one is unique and cute!
karen said…
like you I can kill any plant. I have two that I haven't killed 'yet' and they are both going on more than ten years. I cannot have most plants now before of pesky Holly the Cat. This includes bouquets of
Emmylou said…
Your pothos plants are look great! My younger sis just gave me one she spit from her original....fingers crossed. And LOL on the mint plant:D
I have a brown thumb too. But these seem like way easier plants to maintain.
Your houseplants all look very healthy and happy! The pots they are in are also very pretty.

I, too, like to tend houseplants and the fact that they help clean the air indoors. My favorites are a jade plant that a friend gifted me with, and a Christmas Cactus that blooms in winter with red flowers. I also have bamboo and a tall Dracenea.
Christina said…
Catching up with blog reading... for some reasons, yours does not show on my Blogger reading list anymore, need to follow you on Bloglovin instead.

I have a soft spot for orchids, I honestly believe they thrive on neglect. Mind keep flowering year after year, even the less common varieties. I need to try the ice cube trick, that's new for me.
Your plants are looking fab, you definitely have a green thumb!

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