Lately I haven't been feel very motivated to blog. Every day pretty much feels like the last.. so not much to inspire me to write.

The kids have been going back to school. They go four days a week.. mornings only. Meaning they are back home for lunch and then log in for virtual learnings in the afternoon. Those few hours in the morning of them gone is doing us all a lot of good. 

Have you heard of diamond painting? The boys just finished their recent puzzles and they were looking for a change. So I bought one on Amazon to work on together. Their excitement didn't last long.. I think they find it too monotonous.. so now I do a few minutes everyday while I sip my afternoon coffee. I find it relaxing.

We finally got around to finishing up M's office space. It was originally meant to be a formal dining room. We are really not formal dining room people. We redid it the first time in 2015.. you can see it here. We had fixed it up all by ourselves and were very proud of the first version you see above.

This time we hired someone to paint it. We bought shelves from RiverCity Reclaimed on Etsy and M installed those himself. We kept a lot of it the same.. just gave it a refresh. 

Same time last year was our last normal week. On March 13 the lockdown was announced. Our spring break was planned for early April and we had actually thought we were going to be able to go. Spring break is just around the corner again and while we would all love to hope on a plane and fly away somewhere, we can't.. well we can, but we won't. We will take a break though.. rent a house somewhere that is not here. Somewhere we can drive too.. somewhere off season so there aren't too many people.. 

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Pilar said…
I haven't heard of diamond painting, but it looks interesting. The office space looks really nice!
That diamond painting looks fun. Your office update is so nice!! That's good to hear the kids are back to in person classes in the mornings!
Jennifer said…
I love the office space!

Curated By Jennifer
karen said…
every day is the same here! Love the office space immensely. I'm glad the boys are back to school for some of the day, that's nice and hopefully you get some down time for yourself.
Yes, I HAVE heard of diamond painting! It takes a lot of patience (much more than I would have) but the end result can be quite spectacular.

I like your office re-do, especially the big beautiful bay window seat, and how those 4 pictures are arranged on the wall.
Love the newly decorating office space! So glad you will still take a break somewhere.
Kelly said…
I've seen those diamond paintings on another blog and had to look it up to figure it out. The end results always look so pretty!

Is that an autographed Pelé jersey? How fun!

I hope you enjoy getting away for awhile!
Jeanie said…
I love the office. It's a beautiful, restful room but one which seems to offer plenty of space for productive work. I hope you can find a good rental for a well-deserved vacation.
I hadn't heard of diamond painting until another blogger posted it this morning. Now I am soo intrigued and want to get one for myself. Looks sooo cool. I don't have as much motivation to blog either. Have a great week!
The office look nice. Off to look up diamond painting.
I'm definitely hearing you on your lack of blogging motivation. I've been a bit down lately, and the days have been a bit monotonous.
I had heard of diamond painting, although I'm not 100% sure what it is about. I'm glad you find it relaxing, even if the boys got bored with it soon.
M's office space looks absolutely fabulous! xxx
Emmylou said…
Oh wow! The office space turned out wonderfully. And I've seen a few videos on diamond painting but have not tried it myself:)
PS I so totally get about not being motivated to blog. I was just telling my hubby I might take a break coz it's pretty much the same stuff all the time for us here.Who knows? Sigh....
It does us a world of good to get away, Hena. I can't wait to see where you go!! You always have the best times.
I know it can be hard to be motivated in particular during these times but WOW the office came out GREAT!

Allie of
The office space looks wonderful. I love the yellow pops of color everywhere.
Rach said…
SOmetimes I don't feel like blogging either. For those moments, I just step away until I feel inspired again. The refresh of the office looks great!
awhite said…
I love how the office space turned out- I did the same at our house with our dining room because we would hardly (if ever) use it as designed and having a home office was so much more practical than me working from the couch, haha. :)

Le Stylo Rouge
A home office definitely seems more practical than a formal dining room for most people. The paint job came out great.
Dids F. said…
The office looks good!
Love that you repurposed your dining room into your office space! It looks great!

Jill - Doused in Pink
LL Cool Joe said…
I love diamond drill paintings. I do them every day, they are keeping me sane during lockdown.

I also love the colour scheme in the office.
Stefanie said…
Can you come and redecorate parts of our home? You got mad skillz. Glad hybrid learning is working for your boys and you.
Veronica Lee said…
The office space looks fantastic! You have great taste, Hena!

Happy Thursday!

Debbie said…
ooooh i know exactly how you feel. i am uninspired and lack content....

i have heard of diamond painting, it looks fun. the office update came out great, i really like those shelves, and the color paint you choose. it you get a minute, stop by my blog, i think you will enjoy todays entry, a familiar place!!
Evi Erlinda said…
I haven't heard about diamond painting. Seems a lot of fun working on it.
Hena, your room is SO awesome.
Gemma said…
The diamond painting does look very relaxing and love the office space. The colours are lovely!
Gemma x
Mica said…
I'd love to give diamond painting a try but I think my boys would find it too boring too! It does look like relaxing fun :) I find colouring with them is good too, we often sit down and colour together :)

It's nice they are able to go into school for a few hours too!

Hope you are having a good weekend :)

Away From The Blue
Amy Johnson said…
I've never heard of that kind of puzzle before, but it's great you found it relaxing. I love to color to relax. Your office looks incredible!
Nice office!
Lovely said…
The office space turned out beautiful! Love the grey and yellow theme!
Liz A. said…
I saw those gem kits online. If I didn't already have projects, I'd be tempted. Getting the kiddos out of the house is definitely nice, even if just for the morning.
Red Rose Alley said…
The office space looks great! You did a wonderful job with the makeover. I like all the splashes of yellow. The area rug is so cool and goes perfectly with the room. I think that's a good idea to just rent a house somewhere just to get away with the family on Spring break. I don't think traveling is wise yet.


I haven't heard of diamond painting, but it def. looks like a nice activity to do while sipping something warm! I know, I can't believe we have been in all of this since last March. I'm glad you are getting some mornings with the boys in school, it is good for both of you I am sure!!


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