Springing Forward

All this springing forward made me mess up last nights dinner time.. I realized at 7pm I was supposed to put dinner in the oven at 6pm and all the while I was thinking it was 5pm.. we ended up ordering pizza instead.. sigh

We had game night at our place Saturday night.. we hadn't done it is quite a while and it was so much fun.. we played Sequence, Pictionary and Jenga..  we ordered take out and ended the night with strawberry shortcake... Wegmans make an amazing strawberry shortcake and my friends are all hooked.. I actually get scolded when I make dessert instead.. now I know better and go straight to Wegmans when they are coming over. They ended up staying past one.. which I guess really meant 2am?

I am going over the details of our upcoming spring break vacation.. making lists. We are all so excited..
I spent yesterday cleaning.. we have one of those water vacuums.. a Hoover Spin Scrub.. I washed the living room carpet.. took the covers off the sofa and washed them.. spot cleaned in the basement.. :)       
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sugarlens said…
Wegmans really does have the BEST strawberry shortcake. We had Anna's birthday party this weekend and ordered a cake from Wegmans too. Tasted just like the strawberry shortcake, but w/o the strawberries.
Couture Carrie said…
Cute quotes! I feel jet lagged lol

Ha!!! Love the "funnies" you posted! Also, thank you for visiting our blog! Will you please add "follow by email" to your sidebar so I can follow you? I am following on BlogLovin' but prefer to get blogs in my email. Thanks! catchatwithcarenandcody
Tijana said…
Beautiful post :)
Kisses :)

These captions are hilarious!

Dianna said…
Hello Hena! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I have certainly enjoyed visiting here...love the images you've put up for us. I do have to say that I especially like the first one! :-) I have checked out your Etsy shop also and I wanted to tell you that I love your photography and they are all very reasonably priced.
Paola Lauretano said…
So funny, thanks for sharing!
Kisses, Paola.

BLovedBoston said…
Oh my gosh those ecards are too perfect for this monday after DST! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston
BluKatKraft said…
LOL these are funny! I wish they would just get rid of daylight savings time!
Emmylou said…
The good thing about not adjusting to the "fall back" is that now, I am back on schedule again:D And we started March Break over here in Canada already! You guys start later, right?
Billie Jo said…
Can't agree more.
Veronica Lee said…
LOL! Love your funnies. Should I be glad we don't have daylight saving time here?!! The rise always rises and sets at approximately the same time at every single day and all year round.
Joanna Joy said…
This was a fun post! It made me laugh:) Thank you!

shwet said…
Its full of fun, great post.
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Miguel Gouveia said…
Thanks a lot :D

quotes are the best way to start the day :D

InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D
Anvilcloud said…
The time change seems to have an effect even when you're retired and don't have to punch a clock (as it were).
karen said…
Every spring I drag around the first week or so when the time changes. This time isn't so bad. However, my early morning wakings are not so early!! I much prefer the fall time change :)
Isn't that the truth! I hear they are thinking of putting an end to it??? We will see. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - I really appreciate your vist and your kind comment. I have had a lovely time popping in here today too! A new friend ♥
Stefanie said…
I almost messed up my timing in going somewhere when I had looked at the car clock. I had to change it asap because it would mess with my sense of time. You mention Wegman's time to time. Do you read Patty's blog - Books, Thoughts, and Adventures? She frequents that market where she lives which I think is in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for the well wishes. I don't know if your son would grasp that physics stuff. This book is usually taught starting in the fourth grade. If you do take him, there are plenty of information to prep him beforehand.
Stefanie said…
I just emailed you. I have your email in my contacts.
Unknown said…
Haha so funny pics! I am glad we don't have daylight time saving thing here!
I hope you're having a smooth sailing week! :)
I could agree with all of these funnies! Too bad about your dinner! lol! Something I would have done! Ohh, I wish we were going on a Spring trip! Planning is half the fun for me!

LOL They should just get rid of Daylight Savings Time already. I don't get the big deal about losing an hour of sleep though. We just go to bed an hour earlier so we still get our full 8 hours of rest.
This post made me laugh. Especially the first one - yes!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style
Loulou said…
Ack, we got messed up with the hour change too! Sure, it's only an hour, but it's so hard to get used to. I bet so many people miss appointments etc on the Sunday of the change.
I agree! I hate DST soooo much. It might be the worst day of the year as far as I'm concerned, and "Fall"ing back might be my favorite. I love that extra hour of sleep. I already get up at 5am, so when it springs forward it's really 4 am and it's dark for like 3 hours after that. Makes for a hard, sleeping morning, especially Mondays. I agree that it's time to get rid of DST.
Nora Gouma said…
Love this great post, truly inspiring, love your blog as well. Cannot wait for the next amazing post, thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said…
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Rosanna said…
Haha, what a funny post!
Have a lovely day :)
Rosanna x
Rose's Rooftop
Bely Fashion said…
Great post dear. ♥
If you want you can check out my blog. Maybe we can follow each other and be great blogger friends. :)
Unknown said…
lol....so funny
Wonder Cottage
Laura Jones said…
our clocks only go forward next weekend, haha. i hope you'll have a wonderful spring break! xx
Eleine said…
Great post dear!

Mica said…
I laughed at the images! :) It sounds like you had a busy btu fun weekend, even if the time change was a bit confusing. We don't have daylight savings here in Brisbane so it's interesting to read experiences from those who do have it!

Hope you are having a good week so far :)

Away From The Blue Blog
awhite said…
Okay that first meme is amazing and SO true- like why don't we just do that?!

Le Stylo Rouge
Kati said…
Haha, so funny!

Almost Stylish
Benita James said…
Nice post.

Bernie, xx
The Style Fanatic
So funny :))!
Have a nice weekend,
Ahhhh all of these memes had me DYING. It's SO TRUE! I'm sorry but the idea of moving forward at 4pm on Friday is brilliant! Where are you going on spring break vacation! Take us with you!

Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

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